The Sublime Beauty Of Scott Steiner Demolishing A Restaurant


Scott Steiner loves Shoney’s so much he had to buy one just to destroy it and then rebuild it…

For a southern-born wrestling fan like myself, this is one of the strangest videos I’d seen in some time. Scott Steiner is part of the greatest tag teams of all time and also seems to be the most unbalanced folks in professional wrestling. Meanwhile, Shoney’s is a restaurant chain that covers the US south in nominally edible breakfast buffets. Both were much more popular 20 years ago. Still, I never expected to see these two constants of my childhood collide in such a majestically destructive way…

This video was hiding in plain sight for weeks on YouTube before being found by journalist, Georgia resident, and cool dude I’ve met, Garrett Martin, this video shows Steiner investing his wrestling earnings wisely. Georgia will always need a Shoney’s, and if the Genetic Freak is going to be a franchisee, it has to be a brand new structure. Cuz he’s not normal and we holler so he can hear how much Acworth, GA needed a new Shoney’s. And what better way than for the Steiner Brothers to reunite just to destroy it in this mostly wordless, one-joke video? It’s so wonderful.

I wonder if The Steiner Brothers discovered a love of road trip food like Shoney’s while driving thousands and thousands of highway miles during their wrestling careers. What I do know is that I’m starting to think Scott might be one of the most underrated performers in wrestling history. Since leaving his tag team and becoming Big Poppa Pump, he was one of the most detestable and ridiculous heels in wrasslin’, and now I’m starting to think he’s actually just that damn good at playing a bad guy. I mean, yes, he’s ALSO “not normal” as he’d say, but he turns that into something really special, even in a place as crappy as TNA. I mean, who else could make such a terrible, botched promo of awful math so engaging?

So, while you all wait to line up for Scott Steiner’s Shoney’s (that’s a lot of apostrophes), here’s a collection of some shoot interviews about Steiner. Many of these stories are terrifying, but they also gave me a newfound respect of Scott.┬áThis is two hours well spent for any wrestling fan.





6 thoughts on “The Sublime Beauty Of Scott Steiner Demolishing A Restaurant

  1. Went to the WCW Nitro cafe in Las Vegas as a teenager hopping to see Goldberg or Sting and of course neither showed up. Actually no one showed up the whole time me and my mom were eating there. Seing Big Pappa Pump (minus chainmail) just reminded me of this forgotten memory, thanks Hank! I mean that in a good way not sarcastic cause I too am close with my mom and she would drive me to comic shows, arcades and places like Nitro cafe when I was kid. I know you can relate brotha.

  2. It’s one thing to have a hardhat when dealing with demolition, but why aren’t they wearing any OSHA-compliant chainmail? Are they not serving safety at this Shoney’s?

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