Watch Us Play Aladdin on SNES and Genesis… Simultaneously!


On our weekly Nintendo stream, we solve the 22-year-old debate about which 16-bit version of Aladdin is best. In honor of this week’s momentous Blu-ray release, watch us play both the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions at the same time, LIVE!

Bone up on your Aladdin trivia while watching via our recent anniversary feature, 15 Aladdin Facts You Never Knew!

The debate starts at 3PM Pacific Time LIVE on Twitch, and you can watch it below! Want to know about our streams right as they start? Subscribe to Laser Time on Twitch! Want to watch archives of every Laser Time stream? Subscribe to Laser Time on YouTube!

3 thoughts on “Watch Us Play Aladdin on SNES and Genesis… Simultaneously!

  1. I’m always amazed when nearly identical games were done by different studios on different platforms.

    Then again, it was a lot more work to create games back then (assembly, ugggh).

  2. NICE!
    I wish there were more games that y’all could do a side by side stream of.
    Also, I have NEVER been more nervous than when watching Dave fight against that last snake boss. I held my breath out of nervousness. My vote… SNES > Genesis. It wasn’t animated by Disney employees but the level design was more inspired and fun to play through. and watch.

  3. Frigg Hank can be loud when his losing.

    I personally preferred the look(never played these games) of the SNES version, if it plays better then it’s beats the Mega Drive one by default for me.

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