Tony The Tiger Goes Bad In Bizarre ‘Tony Is Back’ Videos


What would happen if Too Many Cooks met cold cereal? It’d probably look a lot like Tony Is Back, a series of bizarre skits where the Frosted Flakes mascot inspires truly desperate people!

Tony The Tiger helped a lot of kids in the 80s and 90s. Thanks to a balanced breakfast, many were inspired for a productive day at school or a great little league game back in the day, but the giant cat pitchman hasn’t had many opportunities to shine in recent years. He’s made a resurgence in a big way this week thanks to #tonyisback, a campaign to bring the tiger back to prominence as he helps adults solve their problem via a balanced breakfast. Here he helps this nervous girl face the public at a busy diner:

Besides its overly bizarre nature, this viral unauthorized ad campaign is also notable for seemingly instituting continuity. Take Rick, for example! The first time we meet him, he’s a surly “friend” of Candy who wants something good, but that just won’t do when Tony the Tiger is around. Thanks to Tony, their time together is great!

Rick makes his return as a cop in a later ad where he’s put in a sticky situation thanks to a rude coworker. Fortunately this breakfast treat will enable Rick to do the right thing!

You can keep up with Tony’s comeback via the Tony is Back YouTube page and learn about some more of the absurdity at Which “ad” is your favorite thus far?

11 thoughts on “Tony The Tiger Goes Bad In Bizarre ‘Tony Is Back’ Videos

  1. I came into this thinking it was some dumb new ad campaign, and thought “hey where’s the 2D animated Tony I know and love?” But after a minute the commercial started to feel a little off. Then it took a hard right into holy shit wait what? I genuinely thought these were gonna be real ads so this got me to do a legit double take. Thank you for not spoiling the surprise by using words like “skit” that I could wrongly assume you just mean they’re commercials that are making an attempt at humor.

    1. Although I suppose in those instances it is more about a reaction of any kind. I only just followed up on the others and dam, do these go to some dark places.

  2. GOD DAMN! Thurl Ravenscroft is ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE!
    his wonderful, deep voiced, GRAVE! spin spin spiiiiiiiin!
    these make me more sad than happy.

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