Cape Crisis #160 – This Is Heavy-Duty


Hank, Chris, and Dave get back together on all hallow’s Back to the Future day to talk about BttF’s new comic book, plus the new Star Wars stuff, Howard The Duck, more new Marvel, Fox News hating Captain America, and much more from the community!


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Cape Crisis #160 Question: Ever buy a great comic book on sale that you’d never normally buy?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #160 – This Is Heavy-Duty

  1. I always hear Doctor Strange in James Urbaniak’s voice. I imagine him with a Sideshow Bob-esque range because he’s usually very calm and erudite, but can quickly vascilate to “Cousin Merl, REALLY!?” when he gets pissed.

  2. The whole Fox News freaking out over Cap thing is beyond idiotic to me. Apparently Cap shouldn’t be fighting terrorists or serpents, cause that’s Anti-American now

  3. Damn, the response to my question actually got me thinking. I’m 26 right now, so should I consider moving to Canada a viable option? The 2016 presidential election isn’t looking especially appealing and Canada DID just score big for the Liberal party. I dunno, what does anyone thing? I’m probably thinking too seriously, but being too serious is what I do.

  4. As someone who manages a comic shop, I feel for the woman who works at the shop Dave visited. I can’t tell you how many damages or shortages we get from Diamond Comic Distributors. They are the WORST.

  5. I saw that article about the budget of Batman v Superman and have to call bullshit on their numbers. These numbers are never official and get inflated every time a new article comments on these numbers. I have never seen that $400+ million price tag put on Pirates 3. The number most often quoted is $300 million, but I don’t believe that one either. I believe that number came from an article claiming the combined budget for Pirates 2 and 3 was $300 million, but since then, the number was always placed just on Pirates 3.

    The same thing happened to Superman Returns. The budget for that is often quoted at around $270 million, but that is way off. They got big tax breaks from Australia and it was closer to $183 million.

    There is no fucking way Infinity Wars will cost a billion dollars. To even report such a number is absurd.

  6. This is probably a lot of work but would you be able to post the background music was from this episode? Sounded kinda Mega Man-ish but I couldn’t be sure..

  7. Captain Socialism is a shit character and now he is a traitor to his county. Serpent is a true hero. I hope Falcon dies be getting stabbed by an illegal immigrant. This whole pandering to the left in comics needs to end.

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