Agents of SHIELD “Devils You Know“ Review

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I would hope you’ve already watched the episode if you’re reading this. There’s your friendly neighborhood spoiler warning!

Still here? Good. Let’s talk about those insane final 10 minutes! I’m surprised Hunter got to Ward so quickly, but what proceeded was a perfectly executed, edge-of-your-seat sequence. Hunter’s decision to essentially sacrifice Andrew’s life for his only shot at Grant Ward was heavy — and, in turn, it betrayed May’s trust. While he was able to get that shot in, Ward lived to fight another day.

Remember that Hunter/May relationship I was liking so much? Looks like it’s not gonna be smooth for them any time soon. Personally, I don’t believe Andrew is dead, based on the fact that we didn’t see him (and how they framed that scene), and that it’s too soon to have him go. In either case, May’s relationship with Hunter is now heavily strained. At the very least, my complaints last week were rectified, as May was the one to save Hunter’s ass.

abc, agents of shield, episode, marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, mcu, devils you know, review, Season 3

On the rocks.

Bobbi seemed to have feelings that Hunter wasn’t doing so well, and hated still being stuck in the lab. With every other story line moving at a fast pace (not a bad thing), I’m surprised to see Bobbi making zero progress in getting out of her resented lab work. Either her struggles need a bigger focus in upcoming episodes, or the show needs to work on a more substantial plot for her. She’s had the least to work with this season.

Another focus of the episode was… Lash! And I will admit, he looked a lot better in this episode than he did in the premiere. Both twists about his character — that he had a purpose, and can shift to human form — weren’t really surprising, but it’s still welcome information on the show’s new big bad. The first scene with his killing the original Inhumans was brutal, despite some shoddy dialogue, but I really hope we see Alisha again. Maybe on the future Secret Warriors team?

When it came to hunting down Lash, tensions grew between Coulson and Daisy, as SHIELD and the ATCU tried to flesh out their work dynamic. There’s a build up happening with Daisy and her opposition to Coulson’s current choices, and I look forward to seeing that climax. And I was glad to see her bring back the gauntlets outfit again; we need that more often.

abc, agents of shield, episode, marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, mcu, devils you know, review, Season 3

Also on the rocks.

Coulson and Rosalind continue to excel, further distancing any worries I may have with the ATCU story. This week presented us the first real acknowledgement of their flirty-ness, so I can’t help but wonder if we’ll eventually get a real relationship between the two. As for the ATCU, they’re clearly hiding something from our team, and I wonder how long the charade will last.

I didn’t start this review with Fitz and Simmons, which is odd for me. They weren’t slacking at all, but less attention was given to them this week. That being said, the pair had great moments. Simmons’ scene with Andrew was powerful, as we learned that there was a moment when she did give up. In that final scene, she finally opened up to Fitz, even if she was (rightfully) backed into a corner. As for Fitz, I loved his total confusion when Simmons got mad at him for seeing her paperwork.

“Devils You Know” was one of the show’s best. I love how it has four-plus main story lines, and is able to seamlessly shift between them. This locks audience attention and keeps them guessing. And in just one week, we’ll know what really happened to Simmons on that alien planet!

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2 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “Devils You Know“ Review

  1. AoS really has my interest this season because of a growing number of mysteries.
    -Simmons. Where did she go and what did she see?
    -Ward. What’s his big plan?
    -Andrew. If he’s not dead, how did he live and what has he been hiding from May?
    -The true nature of the ATCU.
    -What larger MCU events from Civil War will bleed into this show?
    -Will the Secret Warriors actually form a team under Daisy at somepoint this season?
    So many thing going on at once is a great way to keep my attention, because if one storyline bores me, I have others to follow. Great write-up as always. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Let me first say that this header image means nothing to me, as have others HOWEVER I would like to say that the UK is very far behind on this season, unfortunately, so I would be careful about which images you use in case of a major spoiler. Sorry to be that guy but nonetheless just in case.

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