Stone Cold Steve Austin And Demi Lovato’s Duet Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”


What happens when wrestling’s most infamous crowd chant meets 2015’s hottest new songstress? Yes, it does. Check out Demi Lovato’s new single mixed with WWE’s most popular wrestler of all time, ’cause Stone Cold said so!

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Demi Lovato may not have much in common, but this week has been a big one for both stars of their respective industry. The WWE Hall of Famer made his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in years before interviewing Brock Lesnar live on the WWE Network. Demi Lovato actually appeared on a program that people watched when she appeared on the Tracy Morgan-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, where she was the musical guest and object of Astronaut Jones’ desire (check out our SNL Viewer’s Club review).

During that episode, Demi wowed the crowd with her new ballad “Stone Cold,” but this discovery by Uproxx’s excellent wrestling site With Spandex is even more beautiful. An enterprising YouTuber by the name of Jason Gallagher tied together the worlds of pro wrestling and pop music in a way that makes Lovato’s tender song even more touching and Stone Cold’s signature chant somehow less grating:

There’s so much to learn about both Lovato and Austin in this video! Like the fact that Demi barely says “Stone Cold” in the second half of the song and the weird procession of characters who have faced Steve’s brash catchprase outside of the expected main event talent (like Will Sasso, Scotty Too Hotty, and the normally unflappable Rob Van Dam). It’s a treat for the eyes and ears!

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3 thoughts on “Stone Cold Steve Austin And Demi Lovato’s Duet Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”

  1. WHAT! I always associate Demi Lovato as the last former Disney Channel star I actually knew whilst she was on Disney Channel. Anyway, this is a great mash-up. If only this was at Summerslam instead of her other song.

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