The Simpsons Get Ren & Stimpy Treatment With Halloween Couch Gag


How fucked up can John K. make The Simpsons? You’d be surprised…

If there’s one thing we can’t stop doing at Laser Time, it’s talking Simpsons, not only on the podcast of the same name, but just about everywhere else. So, when our favorite show of the ’90s teams up with the creator of Ren & Stimpy to make a horrifying couch gag for the yearly Halloween episode, you know we have to share it with the world. Take a look…

Animated by John Kricfalusi of Spumco fame, that short was certainly unsettling, and I don’t just mean Bart and Lisa’s retro terrible costumes. Not only was that a great use of Frank Grimes’ vengeful spirit, but also seeing Springfield Elementary School students hung from trees is some pretty screwed up stuff, let alone seeing Bart’s head cracked open to feast on the goo inside. The yearly Treehouse of Horrors episode is meant to be freaky on top being funny, and this certainly did the trick.

simpsons treehouse of horror john k laser time 1

Seeing John K. team up with The Simpsons is definitely a dream team for my childhood, and it’s something that didn’t seem possible in the ’90s. See, John K. once gave The Simpsons guff for being written by people who couldn’t draw, and The Simpsons took a swing at how slow Ren & Stimpy’s production was. Time heals all wounds I suppose, as this is John K.’s second such opening for the show, and I daresay his first couch gag is even more disturbing.

The Simpsons is now a TV institution, so it isn’t surprising that the series is doing its best to stay current by inviting a number of current animation stars and other famous folks to make openings for thee show. Who’d have ever expected a crossover with Rick & Morty, or Don Hertzfeld making one, or this cleverly pixelated one? The Simpsons are certainly a very inviting place for its fellow animated pals.

If you still aren’t convinced that we at LT know our Simpsons, or just want more in the lead up to the broadcastt premiere of that John K. intro, be sure to check out talking Simpsons, as well as our many classic Simpsons game livestreams.





4 thoughts on “The Simpsons Get Ren & Stimpy Treatment With Halloween Couch Gag

  1. I almost want John K. to officially get a new show, but I’d be trepidate after how Adult Party Cartoon turned out. Still, neat intro that should satisfy everybody who hated Homer’s Enemy.

  2. Not really related to this article, but can I just say how great I think it is that Bender is now a recurring fixture in the Simpsons’ basement? Just like the giant Olmec head.

  3. This is really awesome! Ren and Stimpy might be my favorite cartoon. This seems to be in tune with that same style of weirdness.

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