Cheap Popcast #61 – Hell in a Cell in a Podcast


A full house of Dave, Hank, Brett, and Chris discuss Hell in a Cell’s many surprises as well as the recent highlights in NXT and New Japan Pro Wrestling!


2 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #61 – Hell in a Cell in a Podcast

  1. Good job I got around to watching the PPV on the network in time otherwise that header image would have been one huge spoiler. As for the finish itself… I don’t get it. We already saw Wyatt-Taker. Seems like an excuse to drag Taker’s final moments out since before the match they already said they were doing a celebration of him for Survivor Series.

  2. Paige did exactly what Henry predicted and turned on Becky and Charlotte after celebrating with them at HIAC after turning on them 3 weeks ago, if I was more of an optimist I’d say the women’s storyline have been no more dumb, nonsensical, or badly handled, than some men’s stories such as Ziggler-Rusev fued, or Stardust-Neville, or even Kane- Seth Rollins (something with the way writing is handled needs to change so fucking badly, that’s what makes me mad)

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