Bruce Campbell Had To Hear Randy Savage Have Sex During Spider-Man Filming


You may not want to know about Randy Savage’s sex life, but neither did Bruce Campbell. And now we all know…

Laser Time has many loves, and right near the top are Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Spider-Man, and Bruce Campbell. Separately they’re all legendary, and on one occasion the stars aligned for all three of them to be in the same place for Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man film. It’s a beautiful moment that also led to LT’s Chris Antista creating the character Bone Soir, but transcendent moments like that come at a price, which Bruce Campbell is all too aware of. Campbell and Lucy Lawless are currently promoting the soon to premiere, eagerly awaited Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series (we’re so excited we streamed a crappy Evil Dead game), and an interviewer asked about working with Macho Man. As Bruce Campbell tells it, he didn’t love being neighbors with Savage.

First of all, where does Sony Pictures get off on making Bruce Campbell and Randy Savage share a trailer?!?! Those two are such huge stars they deserve better treatment than that on a billion-dollar film like Spider-Man. Second, I appreciate Lucy Lawless playing the role of the viewer to ask Bruce for clarification on what a fun time Savage had. Third, at the time I believe Savage was dating his onscreen valey, Gorgeous George. Here’s a pic if you need help visualizing Bruce’s story.


So yeah, that’s a pretty horrifying visual, but art comes at a price. Both Bruce and Savage went down in film history as one of the most memorable/silly scenes in a comic movie. Plus, while filming Savage suffered a neck injury that would end his in-ring career, so I’ll cut him a little slack for being a bit savage when it comes to pillow talk. Though I’ll never be able to watch this again without thinking of Randy Savage’s sex life while he was filming the scene below.



6 thoughts on “Bruce Campbell Had To Hear Randy Savage Have Sex During Spider-Man Filming

  1. The thought of being in Bruce’s shoes at thos particular moments are more terrifying than anything Sam Raimi could dream of doing to him

  2. Wonder if the “crack” slim jim sound effect could be heard when he pulled out his………. Dig it!!!!

  3. Might Bone Soir cameo on a podcast? I miss that guy, but not as much as Duke Lombardi. And of course, the King.

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