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During the mid-2000s, just about every single WWE star traded their standard theme in for a vocalized update, and “Slow Chemical” was one of the most palatable. It’s cheesy, yes, but at a time when Kane was unmasked and finally speaking to the crowd, this tune did the trick. It definitely helped that the professionally produced theme (which appeared on the 2004 Punisher soundtrack) borrowed the right things from Kane’s original theme.


Now THIS is what tag team mash-up themes should be doing. Instead of awkwardly mashing up two tunes until they become a disgusting mess of vocals, Kane and X-Pac’s theme added the epic intro of The Big Red Monster’s original theme to X-Pac’s hard-hitting tune. It’s a bit of a mystery that Kane’s further tag team ventures didn’t follow the same formula (especially Team Hell No).


The differences between “Out of the Fire” and Kane’s original theme are very subtle, but the extra bit of production put into this revision actually make it a bit less of a fit. After the same rocking intro, this version uses a slightly out-of-place tune as the bridge, which didn’t work for such a demonic character.


When Kane debuted, he was a bit of a complicated character (just try to read about the overwrought backstory on Wikipedia without going crosseyed). He was silent for years, yet harbored a lot of rage and was supposedly a deformed creature. “Burned” works so well because it reflects that. It sounds like it could come from a monster movie, but it has church organs to convey Kane’s demonic nature and a shredding guitar because it was WWE in 1997. Sure, it’s a bit tinny, but it was perfect for Kane’s early days.


Even though this theme has been tarnished in recent years due to its attachment to Kane’s most embarrassing defeats, “Veil of Fire” is still a great theme for perfecting the element of Kane’s many themes. There’s that unforgettable intro made even spookier with the ominous groan, a great guitar-driven rhythm, and an almost religious bridge that conveys Kane’s continually growing dark side (remember that this theme debuted during Kane’s most evil incarnation in 2011). Hopefully Demon Kane’s retirement tour can add some of the gravitas this tune rightly deserves.

What do you think of this ranking? Does anyone in the world like Isaac Yankem’s entrance “theme”? Let us know about it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Kane Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. Dave, this just might be my favorite WTF so far. I loved Kane as a character when he was first revealed, and it was kind of ruined after the unmasking. It was inevitable I suppose; it couldn’t have been fun having to wear that damn thing every match. To learn that the man, Glenn Jacobs, was responsible for a character as horrible as Isaac Yankem, and also go on to be the fake Diesel, kind of blows my mind. It actually makes me have more respect for him as a wrestler.

    In regard to this list, I have no problem with any of your rankings. #2 will always be my personal favorite, but #1 is more fitting for the character at this point in his career. I don’t know why, but it kind of reminds me of the ’90s opening themes for late night shows on the USA Network.

  2. Like good old JR always says.
    “By gawd king…it’s kane! it’s kane! it’s kane! by gawd it’s the undertaker’s brother Kane!
    it’s Kane….The Big Red Machine! Kane!”
    Or as The Rock put it ‘The Big Red Nipple’
    This was a fun read Dave. Number 1 is my favourite.
    Kane has been a very loyal soldier to the WWF/WWE, he is actually very well respected.

  3. Slow Chemical is easily my favorite. A theme seeming so… just, DISMAL. Like it’s on the brink of doomsday. And I love that

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