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With Halloween imminent, we’re counting down the spooky themes that accompanied Corporate Kane, Demon Kane, and every other assorted gimmick bestowed upon WWE’s frightening brother of destruction.

Welcome to Wrestler Theme Friday (or WTF for short), the semi-regular feature where we count down every single entrance tune used by the most popular wrestlers who also couldn’t settle on a single theme song. So far on Wrestler Theme Friday we’ve covered the likes of Sting to The Rock, but this time we’re covering WWE’s most demonic star and the company’s longest-tenured regular performer; Kane!

From his early ill-advised turns as a dentist and a Kevin Nash replacement to current gimmick that has changed him from The Undertaker’s greatest foe to a modern-day corporate crony, Kane has played many roles throughout his 20-year career and his entrance themes have reflected that. Here are those themes, ranked from worst to best.


If your wrestling theme isn’t going to consist of actual music, it better be for a damn popular wrestler. Isaac Yankem was far from a popular wrestler. Just like the Right To Censor’s blaring buzzer would bug fans a half-decade later, this tinny drilling didn’t bring any fans to their feet. Fortunately, Isaac Yankem wasn’t around long enough for this annoying theme to fill fans’ heads.


As Kane, The Undertaker’s evil brother has had a few themes with common elements, be they high-pitched church organs, explosive transitions, and slow demonic guitar riffs. “Man on Fire” deviated just a bit too far from what worked for Kane and felt the most unnatural for the devil’s favorite demon. Instead of hitting hard and providing an excellent backing for pyrotechnics, this almost seems like an old-school monster movie theme. It’s a nice piece of music, just not a good wrestling theme.


Fake Diesel was an absolutely stupid character, but Glen Jacobs deserves props for playing his role better than Fake Razor Ramon’s. It probably also helped that Diesel’s last theme of the mid-90s was a great one that fans wanted to hear (even if it was attached to a blatant impostor). Heck, if you squinted your eyes during Fake Diesel’s late-1996 run, you could even pretend that the guy sauntering the ring was Kevin Nash thanks to this sweet bluesy tune.


Corporate Kane was been a pretty sad and stupid character for roughly 95% of his run, only hitting its stride when CK leaned into his stupidly earnest business persona in an awful attempt to deflect heat away from his Demon Kane side. Therefore, this otherwise great faction-friendly tune doesn’t quite work for a jobber in a suit.

Where does Kane’s original and current themes rank? Read on to the next page to find out!

4 thoughts on “Kane Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. Dave, this just might be my favorite WTF so far. I loved Kane as a character when he was first revealed, and it was kind of ruined after the unmasking. It was inevitable I suppose; it couldn’t have been fun having to wear that damn thing every match. To learn that the man, Glenn Jacobs, was responsible for a character as horrible as Isaac Yankem, and also go on to be the fake Diesel, kind of blows my mind. It actually makes me have more respect for him as a wrestler.

    In regard to this list, I have no problem with any of your rankings. #2 will always be my personal favorite, but #1 is more fitting for the character at this point in his career. I don’t know why, but it kind of reminds me of the ’90s opening themes for late night shows on the USA Network.

  2. Like good old JR always says.
    “By gawd king…it’s kane! it’s kane! it’s kane! by gawd it’s the undertaker’s brother Kane!
    it’s Kane….The Big Red Machine! Kane!”
    Or as The Rock put it ‘The Big Red Nipple’
    This was a fun read Dave. Number 1 is my favourite.
    Kane has been a very loyal soldier to the WWF/WWE, he is actually very well respected.

  3. Slow Chemical is easily my favorite. A theme seeming so… just, DISMAL. Like it’s on the brink of doomsday. And I love that

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