Laser Time – The Worst Movies based on Live-Action TV Shows


Having run this concept into the ground with animated adaptations, it’s live-action’s turn in the barrel as we examine the rotting depths of TV-to-Movie transitions.


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23 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Worst Movies based on Live-Action TV Shows

  1. I remember thinking Wild Wild West was dumb as a kid, but last summer I tried rewatching it due to boredom and had to turn it off 20 minutes in because of how damn awful it is.

  2. Episode 198!!
    Are you guys going to get cancelled and mysteriously stop updating?
    (I kid, I kid)
    But honestly, it’s pretty crazy how far you guys have come since TDar. Can’t wait for 200.

    1. Ha, yes I was going to ask the same thing. Laser Time however appears to have won. Hope there’s something for 200.

  3. I love Wild Wild West but it is god awful. I can literally quote the entire film, when I’m bored I will run through the scene where Loveless kills Bloodbath McGrath’s men, “BloodBath McGrath indeed”. I don’t know why I love it I just do.

  4. A suggestion for an episode: From worst to best shows based on movies? maybe this can be a pseudo sequel. and the wild wild west theme song is probably a guilty pleasure song for me, i even know the lyrics.

  5. Hell yeah movie Lasertime episodes are the best Lasertime episodes (would love to hear that “best movies by terrible directors” episode someday). Anyway I remember seeing Lost in Space is one of my first movie going experiences I remember (i was born in 92) and god was it terrible. At least I got a sweet Matt LeBlanc action figure out of it.

  6. You guys need to listen to the “Worst Idea of All Time” podcast. Two New Zealand comedians watch and review Sex in the City 2 once a week for a year. They’re at episode thirty six right now. This there second season, last year they watched Grown Ups 2. It’s really funny. Also, maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen it in a few years, but I remember liking Wild Wild West.

  7. That Thunderbirds movie is my number one shame movie. Maybe it was one the last films of my childhood or maybe it’s the fact that the extremely attractive Vanessa Hudgens is in it. Either way, it’s a good candidate for ShitLords.

  8. This is basically how it went for me:
    *loads up the page*
    *sees will smith from WWW*
    Oh no…
    *sees Uma Therman Avenger*
    No no no no…
    *sees the title of the episode*
    YES! This will be great!

  9. Another great episode, and I am up for Mikel’s suggestion of horrible TV based on video games. A rare live-action one I can think of is Maniac Mansion, which I understand is pretty bad. I guess Joe Flaherty will get you nowhere!

  10. Hank, I almost forgot – RE: The He-Man/She-Ra movie, if it feels like an episode of the show, that’s because it was. The “movie” is literally five episodes of the show strung together. My old theater actually had a copy on 35mm and screened it one night. It wasn’t even formatted properly for a widescreen presentation, and the ebb and flow of the TV episode structure was painfully obvious.

  11. I remember seeing the Car 54 movie on TV when I was very young. It started with a terrible rap version of the theme song (because of course it did), and the refrain of “car 54, where are youuuuuuu?” has been a weird artifact in my brain ever since. I’m currently trying to find it online to relive it, but it has been 100% scrubbed from existence. Nobody cares enough to put it on streaming sites, and someone has diligently removed it from Youtube and Dailymotion and such, for some baffling reason.

  12. Please someone PLEASE get through to Chris that the New Yawker accent that he somehow thinks is funny is incredibly repetitive to hear in a podcast. 2nd only to burping as my biggest turn off on this otherwise amazing podcast.

    1. I have no other choice than to double down on the accent. I’m sorry, but I have no mechanism for accepting criticism.

      1. haha I wouldn’t love your podcast as much if you weren’t who you are 🙂

        Immediately regretted that too harsh comment after making it, got a little too caught up in The Internet. I didn’t mean it to be so harsh.

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