Know Your Rights And Watch This New Bob & David Sketch


Get ready for the Mr. Show reunion with another early dose of the Netflix series, as Gilvin keeps us updated on the police state…

Around the same time as Marvel’s Jessica Jones comes to the streaming service, Netflix has reunited Bob Odenkirk and David Cross with their Mr. Show coworkers and admirers. We’re just days away from all five episodes going live, but we have another preview of the series. And this time there’s a new sketch set in the age of YouTube tutorials, you know, the type of thing they wouldn’t have written about 20 years ago. Learn all about your constitutional rights!

The whole thing goes live on November 13, though there’s one more new sketch you can watch now, if you missed it earlier. Check it out, perhaps while enjoying a slice of pizza.

And if none of this makes any sense, you need to catch up on Bob and David’s previous work, all in the links below.










3 thoughts on “Know Your Rights And Watch This New Bob & David Sketch

  1. Was a little worried when they announced the new series but with the 2 sketches they’ve posted have made me completely amped for the 13th! Hopefully the rest of the sketches are of this quality.

  2. I know this was the point the sketch was trying to make, but that blackface still made me cringe. Anyways, looking forward to With Bob and David on Netflix…the sketches that they’ve posted s far have been okay on their own, however I definitely feel they’ll be enhance with the framing of the sketches that the sketches that precede and then follow these sketches.

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