7 Odd Snoopy Creations The World Forgot


Snoopy and his friends are timeless characters, but even the cast of Peanuts has some skeletons in their closet. Here’s the 7 strange things you might not know included Charlie Brown and company!

Whether in newsprint, animation, or confounding ads for health insurance, I love the world of Peanuts. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and all the rest are international superstars. Need proof? The comic strip characters have a feature film out this week after more than 50 years of appearing in just about every form of media and merchandising that could hold their image. With the added spotlight from the film, it makes you wonder just how many Charlie Brown items are as easily forgotten as Lucy’s football schemes.

From dying pilgrims to crappy ice cutters to NFL logos, there’s a lot of odd licensed stuff out there that most don’t associate with the Peanuts brand. And even though the Schultz estate may not appreciate all this ancient history being dug up, now’s the perfect time to revisit these oddities for all you blockheads out there. Starting with…

7. This Is America, Charlie Brown


After about 20 years of animated TV specials and films, creator Charles Schultz and head animator Bill Melendez decided it was time to teach kids a thing or two with an edutainment series. This Is America, Charlie Brown aired in 1988 with eight episodes mixing Peanuts’ existential humor with the kind of subject matter usually limited to public broadcasting. Framed as school reports given by the characters, they visit fairly accurate representations of historical moments, like the arrival of the Mayflower (not to be confused with their other Thanksgiving special). In order to educate, however, a few cardinal rules of the Peanuts universe were broken.

In the world of Peanuts, adults are never seen and only speak in trumpet noises, yet This Is America broke those rules big time. In the name of history, all the flashbacks show grown-up people talking and doing historically important things, which is pretty distracting for average Peanuts fans. Not only that, This Is America doesn’t always shy away from the grimmer parts of these stories, like the number of Mayflower passengers who died once they got to America. I never thought I’d see Charlie Brown next to a newly dug grave, but history is funny like that.

6. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine


I doubt I’m alone in remembering that this is one of the most disappointing gifts to get as a child of the ’80s. When you see the commercials like the one below, you’re thinking “Oh my gosh! Snow cones are the best, and now I can make them with ease with lovable cartoon dog Snoopy. I need to beg my parents for this right now!” Instead you end up with one of childhood’s most frustrating contraptions; one that forces you to associate Snoopy with carpal-tunnel syndrome from turning a crank.

It appears easy enough to drop ice in the top and then turn a crank to produce lovely snow cones, but it’s actually a torturous exercise in pushing down as hard as you can while turning a crank that barely moves. It feels like you’re a child laborer in the days prior to the steam engine, and even adults will have a hard time with it. All the while, there’s Snoopy’s smiling face, mocking you as your snow cone dreams melt before your eyes. Shockingly, they still make these, so if there’s a family you secretly hate, buy this for them over the holidays.

5. A Second Christmas Special


The original Charlie Brown Christmas Special is, without hyperbole, one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Okay, maybe that’s slightly overblown, but not by much, as the misadventures of a sad boy and his easily distracted friends is timeless (minus the deleted Coke ads). Who needs an encore after that? Charles Schultz apparently, because 1992 saw the premiere of It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.

This sequel definitely wasn’t necessary, but it found just the right tone to hit as a follow-up. The heavy themes, scripture readings, and lengthy plot are gone, replaced with the quick, gag-heavy humor of the comic strips. In fact, some moments were lifted straight off the newspaper page, making this a simple chaser after the ennui over commercialism in the original. Plus, this one has Marcie and Peppermint Patty, who can finally join in on the seasonal fun as a shepherd and sheep… though why does the sheep look so much like Snoopy’s brother Olaf?

Unauthorized Bonus: Bring Me The Head Of Charlie Brown

This entry is highly unofficial, but for historical significance, it must be shared. Long before Flash animation, Calarts student Jim Reardon drew this highly profane and grisly parody of Charlie Brown and the gang. It revels in tearing apart these sacred cows, though I think the funniest bit is at the end when they’re begging not to be sued. Reardon’s talent is easy to see even in a student film, and he’d fulfill that promise as one of The Simpsons best animators before moving onto Pixar and Disney films. Though, after watching this, maybe Jim should visit Lucy’s psychiatry booth.

What do Japan and professional football have to do with Charlie Brown? All will be explained on the next page, you blockhead!

10 thoughts on “7 Odd Snoopy Creations The World Forgot

  1. Lovely article. I remember my cousins had the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine growing up, and I was eager to use it whenever I would visit. I’m sure it is currently forgotten somewhere in there basement.

  2. My girlfriend loves the Peanuts, but had never heard Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, so I played it for her last year after watching the Halloween and Christmas specials. I grew up with my dad quoting that song, and heard it on Dr. Demento now and then, so I knew it almost as well as the specials.

  3. The snow cone machine is an icon of American decadence that endures to this day. I know this because it was inflicted on my five year old niece last year.

  4. I had the snow cone maker as well. I got it for Christmas. My sister and I ate nothing but snow cones the entire winter until it broke.

  5. You can still by the snow cone maker at Target. I bought it for my kids and it’s still good.

    I prefer Snoopy’s Christmas to Snoopy and the Red Baron though

  6. I watched You’re in the Superbowl Charlie Brown dozens of times. I feigned interest in football as a child, but absolutely loved Peanuts. My mom got me that Shell VHS and its a perfect cynical Peanuts story, really fitting with the mentality of Charles Schultz in the early era of the comic. Charlie Brown and Linus meet a new girl, and Linus is smitten. She befriends them as they train for a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition, and goes to watch and cheer them on. Linus boasts that he even explained some of their special training techniques to her. Linus competes and does the best of all the Peanuts gang, until the new girl steps up as the last competitor, and Linus realizes he’s been setting up her to win the entire time.

    She’s a fucking bitch who doesn’t have the heart to tell her new friends she’s also going to compete, yet at the end expects them to be proud of her because she’ll be at the Superbowl. and from there I learned that you cannot trust everyone, trust is something to be earned, not given out. The subplot of Snoopy coaching Woodstock’s football team against teams of other animals is great too. Highly worth a watch.

  7. Grew up adoring the Snoopy Christmas song. Had my mom’s copy on a 45 record and must have listened to it 100s of times. Still love the sound of it all these years later. Thanks for reminding me of this….

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