Ryan Reynolds Spent Halloween As Deadpool, Yelled At Kid X-Men


Ryan Reynolds doesn’t half-ass holidays or promoting his next film…

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was (pardon the vulgarity) dookie, and should be exhibit A through Z that Fox should never get to make another Deadpool movie. Who sews Deadpool’s mouth shut!?! However, the film company is really earning back my trust with everything they show of the next Deadpool film. Star Ryan Reynolds seems to be going all in. I mean seriously, look at him yell at children on Halloween this year..

Reynolds is feeling as off-the-cuff and fourth-wall-breaking as you expect Deadpool to be, and just as insulting of the X-Men. Wade Wilson would clown on the grown-up Wolverine just as much, just as he’ll take a massive dump on Green Lantern and his CG costume. God damn does that costume look good too. But what the hell, none of them got any candy?

While a real Deadpool/X-Men might depend on the success – or not – of the 2016 movie, I gotta say that everything is looking promising so far in footage like the above, as well as the Comic-Con trailer…

Then again, I had the same hope for Fantastic Four, and we saw how wrong I was then. Until then, take a look at some of DP’s best stuff in the comics, something I hope Reynolds also read during production.








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  1. That was awesome. I really do have high hopes for this one, and hope it does well so Fox might actually use costumes in their movies / give a shit again

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