Cape Crisis #162 – Bye Felicia!


Hank and Chris are joined by Brett in a week dominated by too many new comic books, along with a ton of TV shows dominating our aging geek minds! Plus, a great new Deadpool trailer, news on how Fox deals with super-disappointments, gay mutants, and your answers to last week’s QOTW…


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Cape Crisis #162 Question: How important is accuracy in comic book adaptations?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #162 – Bye Felicia!

  1. With regards to the Slave Leia thing, my first thought was that since Disney made Leia an official Disney Princess (due to fan bitching) they had to make sure her image was a little cleaner and couldn’t have her as a slave.

    But then I just watched Aladdin on blu-ray, and was reminded Disney itself does the EXACT same thing to Jasmine. Pretty hypocritical for them to say it’s not okay for Leia but it’s okay for Jasmine.

    Also, totally unrelated, but I don’t know where else to put this. Chris, I’m not really sure what your role on DuckTales Remastered was, but my son (3 years old) played it for the first time last night, and laughed and laughed and laughed at Scrooge swimming in the money bin. And then he played the Money Bin level and beat it by himself (except the boss). Anyway this is after many failed attempts at me trying to get him interested in the show, I think the game has finally sold him on the brand. Anyway, I know you have bad blood with Capcom but I thought you might want to know you worked on something that hopefully created a future DuckTales fan.

  2. I understand not wanting to use the label “Slave” – they could just call her “Sail Barge Leia” instead. It can’t be that Disney has a problem with scantily clad women in their movies. Just Google Lynn Collin’s wedding gown outfit from Disney’s John Carter – yowza…

  3. agree with you guys, accuracy doesn’t matter nearly as much as keeping the spirit correct. first Raimi Spider-Man had the most god awful Goblin suit I’ve ever, and I’m pretty sure everyone agrees, but we don’t give it nearly as much shit because the movie nailed the tone. actually that movie had a ton of problems we rarely talk about.

  4. QOTW: I agree with Henry, if it maintains the spirit of the source material you can get away with looser accuracy for practical reasons. The Daredevil show really nailed the look and feel of the Bendis run of comics, but didn’t have to bother with radar vision or the skintight suit (which would’ve been super hokey.) Wolverine’s Deadpool was trash because it disregarded its source material not for practical reasons but because they didn’t think people would care enough. Well it’s 2015 and look who’s laughing now?

  5. i dunno… i never got a boner over slave leia. I can get behind Henry’s theory that Friends might have made people go… “yeah, that was kinda hot for me when I was 15 and a bag of raging hormones” I dunno’ I thought the R character from stargate the movie was sexier than slave leia.
    maybe because I was 8 when i saw return of the jedi in theaters? i was offended that he had her in a collar like a dog. that made me feel the feels. but not lust. i was too young.
    but stargate when I was a teen? oh to be young and in love with androgyny. haha

  6. The first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead was ok. There were some good fan service scenes but overall it had a cheap thrown together feel to it. Kinda like a longer College Humor skit. I’ll stick with it though, the moments with Bruce Campbell are worth it.

  7. Henry,

    Great Episode. The show feels like a well oiled machine now.

    One question – In the past you’ve done question and answer segments. Is there any chance you’d do a Cape Crisis special where it was all listener questions? Maybe make it a Patreon special. I know I’ve got several nerdy questions to pick your brain about, as well as some for Chris, Dave and Brett.

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