The Warcraft Movie Trailer Is Finally Here


Orcs and humans are beating the shit out each other, now on the big screen, at last ready to serve…

‘Twas many Blizzcons ago in the age of man when Blizzard first announced plans to make a World of Warcraft film. The studios and developers have gone through many generals in the years hence, thinking they found the right leaders with the good man Sam Raimi, until the burden was passed off to Duncan Jones, son of Bowie. Now, after many a nightfall has passed, there’s at last a trailer for this epic endeavor.. But will The Horde find it satisfying? View upon it for yourselves…

Alright, enough with the flowery prose. Announced all the way back in 2006, Warcraft’s film is close enough to a reality to be shown at Blizzcon 2015. The effects look nice, and they damn well better be since digital effects seem to comprise about half the cast. And they’re keeping the plot relatively simple by focusing on early lore with this battle between men and orcs – though do you really think we won’t at least see hints of races like dwarves and night elves? I think not. The trailer’s dialogue sure is generic, but at least it’s a step-up from how they used to sound.

Then again, after listening to this, I kinda miss those faux English accents. Additionally, the film seems to star no one even B-list, though I guess they had to save money somewhere. The biggest star seems to be Toby Kebbel as the lead orc. The man did amazing work under a CGI mask before when he played Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, less so when he played Doom in the recent Fantastic Four film.


So, any Alliance/Horde fans out there that want to chime in on how this looks? Will you be lining up June 10, or has your love of WoW subsided? Tell it to the comments!

5 thoughts on “The Warcraft Movie Trailer Is Finally Here

  1. oh! i didn’t realize it was going to be a live action movie with CG added elements. weird. I just assumed it would be full on CG animation.
    um… I saw a little baby Orc Moses being sent down the river. ha ha.

    it looks… okay? a little generic? I thought it would look more… fantastic. not sub lord of the rings-esque.
    but I’m not invested in the Warcraft universe.
    I’m more of a WH4K kinda guy. but then we’re getting into places considered snobby and pretentious.
    I might go see it. but all the people I know who like Warcraft stopped playing back around 2010.

  2. There’s a lot of CG in that trailer. It seems no one will return us to the Lord of the Rings trilogy standard of having practical effects for our orcs. That being said, the effects don’t look terrible.

    1. The orcs in Warcraft are much larger and non-humanoid looking than the orcs in Peter Jackson’s take so I can’t fault them for using CGI in this instance.

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