Vidjagame Apocalypse 137 – All About That Base


Whether you think of it as your house, headquarters, or simply a comforting save room, having a customizable home base has become a big part of a lot of our favorite games in recent years. As our string of horror-related shows comes to an end, we spend this week reminiscing about five of our favorite homes, after which we dive into new releases like Need for Speed and Cibele, scratch our heads over the King/Activision news, and talk about your worst experiences at places that were supposed to be fun.

Question of the Week

Out of all the home bases you’ve occupied in games, which was your favorite?




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17 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 137 – All About That Base

  1. QOTW: Of course, the building of MGSV and Peace Walker’s mother base is quite a thrill. My favorite, although it wasn’t very customizable, was the Hyperion from StarCraft II Wings of Liberty. The game tuns into a point and click adventure, as you go around the ship talking to your crew. There’s even a tavern with a “Lost Viking” arcade game, and a jukebox with original tunes to unwind with after a day of shooting Zerg in the face.
    P.S. = MGSV spoiler-cast in the future?

  2. QOTW

    Your secret hide out in the new Wolfentstein, it was a neat place to explore, literally gave the game a lot more character than you would expect out of a 90’s shooter revival, had neat Easter eggs (like flashback dreams), had quick little quests and hidden items, and best showed the branching story elements with entirely different characters occupying the location (which included Jimmy Hendrix fighting Nazi’s). And once those Nazi sons-a-bitches took that away, it gave you SUCH A LUST FOR REVENGE!

    Also Peace Walker, I’ve spent 500 yours complete two separate Mother Bases.

  3. It’d be damn cool to have a customizable Batcave in a future Batman game (providing the game itself isn’t crappy).

  4. QOTW: I’m going with the home bases in Mad Max. They aren’t all that special honestly. They give you extra mission by telling you were you can collect parts for projects that will give you water, ammo, and more nice little bonuses, but the reason I love them is as you complete these projects the bases improve through four tiers. I loved seeing the bases improve as I salvage for parts for machines. And when they’re improved to the 4th tier it is almost beautiful to see. Bases that use to have like 6 people have dozens, shitty room dividers become actual rooms, and you see kids playing! You as Max bring life back to this barren land, and honestly that really spoke to me. It was a nice juxtaposition to ramming my car into other cars and killing people hording scrap.

  5. QOTW: The Starbase orbiting Earth in Star Control 2. One of very few safe places in the nearby galaxy where you can park, refuel, recrew your depleted Precurser vessel and dump all your valuable minerals where Commander Hayes appreciatively lets you know how well you’re doing and gives you any news on what’s going on in your mission to cobble together an alliance to free your part of the galaxy from the dreaded Ur-Quan overlords. The sweet soothing techno that plays while you’re docked only helped it. Star Control 2 is the best game ever.

  6. QOTW: My favorite base is actually a city… The First City of Qo’nos in Star Trek Online. Transporting to the surface to trade goods, outfit my officers with new skills and gear. I once in a while visit the exchange, listen to the loremaster and saying hey to Warf… all the while walking through a bustling city of Nausicans, Orions, Klingons, and Gorn; then later defending the city from invading herlalds of the Iconians… home sweet home. There aren’t too many perks for being in the KDF… but that’s my favorite.

  7. QOTW: Great base I doubt anyone else will talk about is the Starship Phoenix from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It’s the main ship you return to after every main story mission in the game, and it’s the main headquarters of the newly-formed Q-Force headed by Captain Quark. In the previous games, Quark was a washed-up superhero taking either wetwork from corporate overlords or unleashing hellish monsters as housepets while disguising himself as a corporate overlord. In this fashion, it was fascinating to know Quark was not only an actual hero back in the day but had a legitimately threatening arch-nemesis in the form of the game’s main villain (and arguably the best villain in any R&C game to date) Dr. Nefarious.

    In a gameplay sense, the Starship Phoenix served as a place to not only get story debriefs while stocking up on ammo and new sets of armor but also allowed you to play around in VR arenas to test out your weapons against a series of wave-based fights. It was also where you played VR comic cartridges which served as not only an interesting (though somewhat shoddy) side-scrolling levels where you played as Quark but also an interactive way to find out more about the backstory of the previous bumbling villain.

    1. That was a really great game, love those Quark levels, I had totally forgotten that even was a thing in that series at one point hope they bring it back. Thanks for the memory jolt dude!

  8. Like Tyler I spend most of my time in Bioware games trying to have lady-lady sex. Was really disappointed when Cassandra turned my inquisitor down in Dragon Age.

  9. Got to go with the interactive base building sim, Animal Crossing! If I had to choose one I would probably go with New Leaf for the 3ds, although the first game for gamecube does have the awesome if hard as fuck to unlock NES games included. These games are literally just about making your town and home as much your own as possible, the slight upgrades you get every day in the latest one kept me coming back daily for about 6 months of 2013, that and trying to fill out the museum with all of the dino bones and paintings and bugs and fishies… there is so much to do.

    The Mass Effect games are awesome and I love the Normandy, the new crew responses after every mission were some of the most fun things in the whole series, oh Wrex call me Shepherd again please!

  10. I like the Mario starship/planet from Super Mario Galaxy 2 a lot. Cause it’s your giant face. More homebases should be a giant face! Plus the music there is one of the best in the whole Mario series and you can hang out with a lot of game characters which gave you extra challenges. On your face! Also I like to mention Rosalina’s ship from the First Mario Galaxy, cause there she would read her storybook to you with all those Luma’s around chirping with their little voices, one of the cutest moments I witnessed in a video game.

  11. QOTW:
    My favorite home base is PlayStation Home. With its virtual 3D social gaming platforms and free to play style genre, I can’t wait to go home each day, so I can visit my P-Home! Upon installation, you can choose how much hard disk space you wish to completely waste for your very own P-Home. I have been developing my P-Home in my head as early as 2005 and I broke ground as a P-Home owner on December 11, 2008!
    Sadly, on March 31, 2015, my P-Home was destroyed in a virtual act of terrorism by fire. Perhaps a Social Justice Raccoon who didn’t like my stance on the new Xbox One???…Two avatars survived, but one was left to burn while downloading an update from the PSN.

  12. Hey guys, just discovered the whole laser time podcast family. Great stuff! Just wanted to point out since I heard it mentioned in this and the previous episode that Skullgirls 2: Deadly Airport is a total troll game put up in the app store by someone totally random, and isn’t official in any way. Capcom is trying to get it taken down for infringement over it’s characters being used. The more you know!

    1. Well, yeah. Was that not clear from the discussion? I mean, I pretended it was legit for about 20 seconds to confuse the other guys, but I’m pretty sure I identified it as a ripoff game.

      1. If you did then apparently I missed it. Both times it was mentioned it sounded like you thought it was legit and couldn’t figure out why it existed. Maybe I just didn’t catch the sarcasm, either way my comment wasn’t meant to come off the the usual know-it-all gamer snob bullshit, so I hope it didn’t come off that way. Just getting in on the conversation. Cheers!

        1. Nah, it’s cool – I sometimes forget to mention things like “this game is a bullshit attempt to cash in on someone else’s IP,” so if I gave the impression I didn’t know better, then that’s something I want to hear about.

          Also, welcome aboard and thanks for listening! Glad to have you.

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