Cheap Popcast #62 – Rollins’ Freak Injury & WWE Title Tournaments


A freak injury brought together Dave, Hank, Chris, and Brett for an emergency Cheap Popcast where the quartet discusses strange injuries, the WWE title picture, and does a deep dive on previous WWE Championship tournaments.


8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #62 – Rollins’ Freak Injury & WWE Title Tournaments

  1. I think Sheamus walks out of SS the champ for sure after he cashes in. That much is certain. Who he beats to win is not. Being Sheamus will need even more heel heat, I think he will defeat a fan favorite. This could be ziggy, ambrose, bryan, or more likely cena (who returns for one night only) or reigns.

  2. Buddy Rogers was actually the first Nature Boy not “playboy”. Yes Ric Flair won that nickname from Buddy Rogers.

  3. I wonder if they’ll try and spin this injury and sequence of events into a Rollins face turn after he returns? I’d be into that.

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