New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Has Shepard Wish You A Happy N7 Day


November 7 is the new Mass Effect day, so BioWare treated us to a brief glimpse of the next game that raises more questions than answers…

After Mass Effect 3 released and made every single fan of the series incredibly happy, there hasn’t been much new from the hybrid RPG/shooter. In the last few months there have been a few teasers for the new game, along with the devs outright saying the game will star a new protagonist. Today, November 7, has come to mean something for the series that follows sci-fi special forces group known as N7, so BioWare had to have something up its sleeve, right? Yup, though it’s more wistful than anything else.

Sorry if you were hoping to see gameplay or characters or any of the story, but there’s a certain weight to what is there. After so many fans hoped to see Shepard fight another day, this video is as direct a goodbye from the character as you’re going to get. Hearing Shepard sign off might just bring a tear to your eye as it’s all onwards and upwards towards Mass Effect Andromeda from here on out – though never say never in the world of video games.

If you want to see how the Laser Time goofballs reacted to E3’s Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, watch the beginning of the our live reactions below.

9 thoughts on “New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Has Shepard Wish You A Happy N7 Day

  1. This teaser sprung an argument that went on for twenty minutes between me & my boss about science, the moon landing, and the entire universe.

  2. Jennifer Hale is the best. Surprised they’ve shown us how we get to Andromeda and possibly revealed when the ship set off. Really hope it’s out in 2016 but I think Q1 2017 is more likely.

  3. This just makes me wish EA wasn’t such assholes and would come out with one giant, affordable Mass Effect bundle, with every damn DLC included.

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