Dead Wrestler Beach Is Both Hilarious And Sweet

Where do wrestlers go when they die? This funny and endearing Fox ADHD short posits that your favorite dead grapplers live together on a beach. Watch it and share in the laughter and love!

By DaverTime | 4

Laser Time – Pre-Shame Songs

It’s another LT listening party and we’re looking back at some of our guiltiest pleasures! Although this time, we’ve added in some very specific criteria: What’s a song you’re ashamed to love made BEFORE you were born?!

By C.Ant | 57

LaserTime, VGMpire and me – and you!

While my instinct is to write some amusing joke that eventually meanders into a thoughtful post about joining LaserTime in an “official” capacity, I’ll instead cut straight to the sincere plight. Working on goofy shit with the LT crew has… Read more

By Brelston | 55