LaserTime, VGMpire and me – and you!


While my instinct is to write some amusing joke that eventually meanders into a thoughtful post about joining LaserTime in an “official” capacity, I’ll instead cut straight to the sincere plight.

Working on goofy shit with the LT crew has been a consistent source of fun and fulfillment over the past four years. From VGMpire to Cape Crisis, from VGA all the way to Cheap Popcast, some of my biggest laughs and most memorable moments have occurred on this very site and its rapidly aging microphones. Then I saw all the stuff Chris, Henry and Dave are cranking out these days and realized… man, I miss entertaining people for a living.

So – after leaving Capcom and sitting on my thoughts for a week or so, I really want to join the team and bring some of that old (dare I say it) T-Dar fire with me. As a result, we’ve replaced the previous $10,000 Patreon goal (a 24-hour marathon, something you’ll benefit from exactly once) with something that’s basically “Brett joins the crew.” After all, I can’t walk up and start eating into the other guys’ wages. But what exactly are you getting once that milestone is reached?


Well, in a way, more everything. I’m organized af so part of my role would be to get a feature, stream and podcast pipeline a-movin,’ which would also free up the others so they can, in turn, do more. But more specifically, I’d be restarting things like Blunder Lizard, working on more comic features like this guide to the Infinity Gems, making the long-promised Ernest episode of LaserTime and engaging in some video ideas that I think will be a lot of fun to watch. Long story short, I want you to be excited to check LaserTime every goddamn day.

Additionally, I want to earn my keep with more VGMpire content (such as interviews and features). If you’re a VGM fan and haven’t donated to the Patreon because I made it QUITE CLEAR that VGMpire wasn’t part of said Patreon… well, now it is, and any amount of support you are willing to give, I appreciate. Your kind words were what kept this ship afloat for the past four years, so while I do not feel owed anything, your continued support will help keep it going. <33

VGMpire will continue to post its usual bi-weekly shows, and Rocktober will still be a thing. But please check out the new Patreon goals that include additional VGMpire content and other specific things I will work on beyond what I’ve outlined above.

$10,000 – Brett comes aboard!
-With our LaserTime Voltron fully assembled, the golden age of LT is here! Expect more everything, from Blunder Lizard to that goddamn Ernest episode!

$10,250 – VGMpire Uncut (Unplugged? Unreleased? Unresponsible?!)
-In-break reactions are cut to keep music as the focus and to maintain the PG-atmosphere. $5 patrons will get a bonus file each month of our live reactions to the music, plus we’ll dig through the archives and deliver moments from older episodes.

$10,500 – VGMpire Mini
-Bi-weekly mini episodes to soothe the savage audiophile. We’ll cover games that normally wouldn’t warrant their own episode, and highlight games that didn’t get their fair share before. This goes out to everyone!

$11,000 – Beat My Score
-Weekly livestream hosted by BrettleBot where we ask users to submit their scores and we try and beat them. Time to dig up your old Tony Hawk 3 saves!

$11,500 – Comic Book Dream Stream
– Brett and Henry play “classic” comic book games each Wednesday, before the Shit Show stream. Surely most of them have held up fine, this will be great, our memories are correct.

And as a reminder, here is what our $5 and $10 donors get exclusively through Patreon:

$5.00+ per month
-Exclusive WEEKLY Bonus Show!
-Access to Monday Night Movies Live Feed!
-WEEKLY MP3 Movie Commentaries!
-Exclusive Access to Season 1 of Talking Simpsons!
-Exclusive Laser Time stickers, shipped quarterly!
-Monthly VGM Uncut show! (New!)

$10.00+ per month
-All above rewards!
-Pick a film we watch for Monday Night Movies!
-Bi-weekly classic wrestling match commentaries!
-Exclusive Laser Time mini-posters released quarterly!
-Bi-weekly comic cartoon commentary. 90s X-Men, Spidey and more (New!)
-Choose a topic for VGMpire each month! (New!)

This is all on top of me joining in on the new show you already unlocked – 30-20-10! Each week we’ll look at at what happened 30 years ago (in the 80s), 20 years ago (90s) and 10 years ago (00s), covering movies, music, games, uh, I’m going to assume wrestling will come up a lot and why not, let’s try to mention a sports thing once in a while. Or not!


Not gonna lie – four people trying to do this thing as a full time gig is kinda ridiculous. I’m pretty sure we’re one employee away from requiring an HR department! But being supported directly by you, the listener, reader, contributor and all around beautiful human being, makes it possible AND something we can wholly control. We can course correct, we can talk to you, we can do better and have fun doing it.

So that’s my spiel. Please sound off below and of course view the Patreon page for all the updates. Thanks so much, everyone.

55 thoughts on “LaserTime, VGMpire and me – and you!

  1. Rally the troops! Already upped my pledge, and I hope anyone else who can will do the same even if it’s just a shiny nickel more. Every hay penny counts. I also never knew watching people un-eat cotton candy was so mesmerizing.

  2. I can’t afford to give more, but I do have an idea which might help bring in more income.
    How about working with your producers to plan a new ‘senior executive producer’ or similar tier, at a price that those who may be willing would be happy to contribute? If any are willing to contribute more, that would free up some of the lower exclusive tiers to other fans too.
    Anyway, that’s just a thought I had. I hope you guys make the new goal! I’d love to see even more from Brett.

  3. VGMpire is great, focused on the topic with some great discussion about the games themselves, many yet to ever be mentioned of VGA. More Brett is also a good.

    Do dust off this old chest nut, “That research me look on box back.”

  4. Great start to the week with all of this great news and goodies this also got me to upgrade my tier to the ten dollar a month club so all aboard the podcast train CHOO CHOO!

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! THIS rocks! When the patreon started I joked with my friend that the 10k goal should be “Brett joins” and hey look what happened. Really excited for the new show as well. I’ve added a couple extra bucks to my patronage. Good luck guys!

  6. Brett, I’ll bump my donation five bucks if you stream some Ys games.


  7. Well I’ll be pledging my cinco dolares this evening once I get home. If i can spend $800+ in student loans a month then I can spare $5 to people who actually bring joy to my life.

    I’d be excited to see Brett’s impact on the show. Would help with the inevitable Chris burnout (he sounds on the verge a lot) and more overall organization.

    Hope you guys can reach the new goals!

  8. X3
    this ship was sailing well, but to cross and conquer the seas it needs a proper navigator. someone who can layout a course for the crew to voyage through. you sir, are that someone. I’m very excited for the future of the LTN.
    so GOTDAMM excited!

  9. Do we need to unlock Brett tier to get the Marvel Cartoon Commentary? I’m already giving 20 but I’ll bump that shit up.

  10. While I am already a Patron, I’ll happily add a few bucks to my pledge if that gets us more Brett! As I’ve said before, I’ve been with the podcasting enterprise since TDar 115 back in 2010, and I happy throw some of my money towards you guys if it’ll help you to keep going. Listening to these podcasts every week is an absolute pleasure, and at this point I’m not sure what I would do without them.

  11. This is amazing news. Brett has always been one of my favorite hosts and it’ll be good to have him on more. The new podcast sounds great as well. Gonna add another $5 to my pledge.

  12. Holy Shit this is fantastic. Brett has always been part of the LT crew dynamic, and I hope we get to 10k fast.
    All that needs to happen now is to orchestrate Reparaz and Grimm’s downfall from corporate employment and we’ve got a full house!
    It’ll be cool seeing you on more stuff Brett. Looking forward to reading your articles and listening to that Animal Crossing Baby Brett voice on LT.

  13. It’shappening.gif

    Seriously though, this is awesome! I see the patreon already has a nice spike, so let’s make this happen, people!

  14. More Brett equals more podcast, more reach, more viewers, more lasertime family members. More Ernest love;Legit yo!

  15. Come on laser-timers, you can put aside your erotic thundercats purchases this month and help make this happen.

  16. That’s super chill.

    I think there should be a couple more donation levels though. I’m not sure what you’d giveaway, but I think people would be inclined to donate more if there were a few more donation levels. Hell even some limited capacity ones would be nice.

  17. Hey I will be upping my pledge slightly tonight (In college can’t go too crazy). Also, something another commentor brought up (which I 100% agree with) is to increase the amount of people available on the 20 and 30 dollar tier. Since there are four you now you could increase the amount of people available to do the extra work those tiers require. I was thinking about 5 people for each tier, this will provide an incentive to people to donate more to the Patreon. Just throwing out an idea. Thanks giving for giving us such wonderful entertainment.

  18. I’ll more than likely be able to up my monthly pledge to $15 from $10. I can already think of a few things I can give up to make this happen. Glad to see a pretty significant bump after such a short time. I hope things go well for the LT crew and I’ll back you guys and ladies as long as you’re around in some capacity.

  19. It’s great to see everyone from the old website working together again on LaserTime.
    As for the Patreon, I will see if I can upgrade my $5 pledge to $10.

  20. Reading this made me so damn happy! All the stars are aligning. All I want is a Patreon stretch goal where you guys get a cookie wall for the kitchen studio and I’ll die a happy and content man.

  21. I’m really glad this is happening. I will definitely throw in some money for all the hard work Brett has done.
    Brett – any chance for a Dune laser time. You mentioned it once in one of the early Laser Times.

  22. This is great news! Really glad to hear you will be joining the team in the near future Brett. You guys have all been a part of my evenings for years, knowing that the team will be back together really fills me with a joy. More video game music celebration, more everything, the Canadian dollar is in the shitter right now but I’ll squeeze my wallet extra hard to help make this possible!

  23. Upped my donation to $15 in hopes of getting VGMpire Uncut.

    Seriously, you guys are killing it. My work week is made 10x easier listening to all of the content you bring. After the holidays, I’ll bump it up again. Keep up the amazing work, Lasertime crew!

  24. And with this, the prophecy was fulfilled. Welcome aboard.

    I stumbled onto Laser Time after I found VGMpire (which I found from Retronauts) and I am delighted to give you money for the endless hours of entertainment you’ve given,

    Also, that fantastic video inspired me to post this. It is nothing at all like Billy “Boogie” Worrell.


    I upped my monthly pledge from $10 to $20. We are $18 away from $10,250 – VGMpire Unplugged is going to happen folks!

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