Bray Wyatt eulogizes Undertaker, Kane and gets blowed up in the process


If haven’t been following WWE’s latest Spooptacular, the “New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt has allegedly consumed the souls of both the Undertaker and Kane. Taker has been a supernatural force for nearly 25 years, while his demonic brother Kane dates back to the Attitude Era. Needless to say, they’re getting on in years, and Wyatt assumed he could take their place as the, ah, “resident evil” of the WWE.

Didn’t quite work out for him!

First Wyatt and his swamp goons ambushed Taker after his latest battle with Brock Lesnar (that’d be at Hell in a Cell 2015). Then Demon Kane lost his bout with Seth Rollins. With these two literally and figuratively on the ropes, Wyatt swooped in and said he had harvested their souls… and demonstrated this claim by controlling the lights & pyro, something Taker and Kane tend to do.


But last night on RAW, Wyatt went one step too far – he tried to conduct an actual eulogy for the two, saying their time is over and their bodies are done for. But as with any good soap opera where people die, un-die, get married and turn into robots and then die again, the Brothers of Destruction returned and laid waste to Wyatt and his stable.

It’s all a little hokey and watching two super made men plow through the up-and-comers is a little counterproductive, but gat damn I can’t help but cheer for Taker and Kane going on one final tour together.

Should be noted though, that this entire conflict feels a bit strange after the LT crew watched Taker lay Wyatt out all by himself at Wrestlemania 31. BUT I’m willing to pretend that match never happened, just to see a proper battle between the two.

Survivor Series 2015 is two weeks away and it’s assumed The Wyatts (four bros) will duke it out with Taker, Kane and at least two others (Sting?).

This could very well be the final Survivor Series that Taker… and even Kane participate in, so hope you’re watching!

4 thoughts on “Bray Wyatt eulogizes Undertaker, Kane and gets blowed up in the process

  1. I think the ship has sailed for me on the Wyatts. I really liked them at first but after Bray failing time after time, the disbanding of the family, and eventual reuniting after none of it worked has me burned out. Although, when going to see WWE live I can’t help but bring out my cellphone and blast that flashlight during their entrance. It’s just too good.

  2. Luke Harper is so underused. He is probably the best working big man they have. He and Cesaro should be guys getting elevated up the card, but it seems like they will be stuck with 95% of the roster in the mid-card

    1. Agree, Harper seems like he could go at a main event level. Just not sure what the holdup is… his brief IC run didn’t come with an angle or an idea, he just had a belt for a month. Wondering if he himself lacks a new idea / angle to his character or if it’s just creative not bothering.

  3. …this could have worked. If the approach had been that Bray disappeared to pull a wrasslin’ version of a Robert Johnson and came back to cut a warpath through the stable until taking on Kane and Undertaker, one on one, it might have worked. The way they are going now, it might take a Reigns-like year of plot to even stand a chance, and even then, it is more like the Wyatts becoming the Undertaker Force, rather than Bray showing he is the man from the swamp. Which is s shame, as I do think he has talent and charisma, but the angle seems ruined.

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