VGMpire 105 – Spyro Sampler

Hop on over to VGMpire’s main site for a link to the show… but first let’s look at a couple of sample tracks from Spyro 1 through 3!

By Brelston | 5

The Return of the Jedi We Should Have Seen

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the (30-something dork) world has been asking: will they rehabilitate Star Wars? Can they? We only have a month before we find out.

By LaserTimeContributor | 12

Talking Simpsons – Dancin’ Homer

In a first for the series, Homer gets a new job. Bob, Chris, Henry, and Dave soak in the novelty of that, plus a ton of great baseball observations as this episode takes us all the way to Capital City… Read more