VGMpire 105 – Spyro Sampler


Hop on over to VGMpire’s main site for a link to the show… but first let’s look at a couple of sample tracks from Spyro 1 through 3!

Like we discuss in the episode, none of us have a particular connection to Spyro. But in the interest of expanding my horizons and learning about new music, I wanted to tackle a series¬†I’d never considered before, and one listeners who grew up with the PS1¬†might know better than, say, obscure TurboDuo tracks.

Found some fun stuff along the way, like this Spyro 2 song from early on in the game…

.. this dreamy vaporwave-y tune, also from Spyro 2…

..and this verrry 2000 dance tune from Spyro 3.

You can also check this interview with composer Stewart Copeland… aka the drummer for The Police!

Hope you like the show!

5 thoughts on “VGMpire 105 – Spyro Sampler

  1. The first one was an underrated game. I remember playing the demo that came with Playstation Magazine before I could afford to buy it. I will have that opening level music in my head forever

  2. I have a weird love for the second game since it was the first game I ever got 100% in. It was easily achievable in a single day and nothing too special, but still. Beating the shit out of Moneybags in the 3rd one was also a fond memory.

  3. I really liked that mini documentary about making the music. Copeland saying “they pay me for this!” was great. I never played any of the Spyro games, even though I kinda’ wanted to. Doesn’t that series have a lot of spin off series it gave birth to? whatever watching Copeland make the music there live will definitely add to my enjoyment of this episodes tracklist.

  4. This weird, percussion-heavy, kinda jazzy music is so specific to 90s PC and PS1 games. It’s a weird little island, between the bleeps and bloops of the cartridge era, but before (as Chris has often put it) everyone was trying to be Hans Zimmer.

    1. Also, I just realized what this music sounds exactly like: the soundtrack of the show “How It’s Made”. Perfect music to zone out to. Great stuff.

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