Join Us For The First Nintendo Direct In Months


This is the first new Nintendo Direct since E3, and just like at E3, the Laser Time goofs are going to be live streaming our reactions to it on Twitch! Join us live at 2PM Pacific, or watch out archived reactions on YouTube!

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Laser Time streams every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3PM. Tuesday is our “new and noteworthy” day, where we stream big releases and games in the zeitgeist. Wednesday is the Laser Time Shit Show, where we suffer through the worst games ever for your enjoyment. Thursday is our Weekly Nintendo Stream, where we play Nintendo’s most nostalgia-inducing games without fear of copyright strikes! Catch all of them on Twitch and YouTube!

7 thoughts on “Join Us For The First Nintendo Direct In Months

  1. Shoot I had no idea you guys were doing this. I’ll have to watch it after the your Thursday Nintendo stream. Love the reactions.

  2. Glad to see the archive up so fast, now to go pre order what I can through some links, hope y’all got working ear drums after Hank’s appropiate reaction to both DQ’s!

  3. I can finally finish twilight princess. I just hated the Wii controls so much and never got the Game Cube version. Hope they do Skyward Sword with the game pad too.

  4. good to see Brett hanging out at the stream. HAPPY BIRFDAAAAAY! ?
    XCVBNM! I didn’t know DQ7 had been turned poly, so the whole time I couldn’t understand why Henry was so excited for it to be announced. I still own the old PS1 version and I was a little disappointed that DQ hadn’t moved forward visually. I’ll probably pick both 7&8 up the second they come out. I love the Cloud reveal reaction, I knew it was happening because my roommate was watching the direct while I was in the kitchen and he threw off his headphones in excitement. Nintendo and Squeenix are friends again after like nearly two decades of glaring hatefully at each other from across the room.

  5. I really want the Midna amiibo, easily the best companion/adviser, unlike the constant nagging and lack of personality of the others.

  6. Loved the reactions to Dragon Quest – it was especially gratifying when Henry knew about DQ7 for a load of the Direct and was waiting for it… then got DQ8 too! Then the Cloud reveal was superb too.

    One notable difference between the Japan and US Direct was that the Japanese one had Mother 3 in it. Sniff. Now THAT is the game that’d make me react like Henry.

  7. Do guys have any predictions/hopes for whom we could see as DLC for Smash? Really hoping for Simon Belmont personally.

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