Bubsy Is Making A Comeback On Steam! Wait, What!?!


See how the makers of Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands makes it happen…

The last week has been a boon for things we loved in the ’90s. Not only did MST3K launch a comeback, but so did Mr. Show along with Cloud joining Super Smash Bros. Sadly, it would seem we pushed our luck with this load of ’90s nostalgia, as we’re getting a revival likely no one asked for. Two classic Bubsy games are on Steam Greenlight under the eye-rolling title of Bubsy Two-Fur. Take a look…

First of all, this answered the question of “What company would bother to publish a Bubsy game on Steam?” Retroism is the lucky owner of the radical bobcat. And they’re pushing Bubsy fans (should they exist) to vote – ugh – Two-Fur through the Steam Greenlight process. Honestly, knowing the kind of crap that gets on Greenlight, Bubsy is actually above average in that section. So if the above video didn’t immediately fill you with memories of anxiety and regret over renting that Genesis cart from Blockbuster Video, you can vote for it here.

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, I should tell you I voted Yes for Two-Fur, but only because I want to open the door for a Bubsy 3D remaster. The world needs to experience this for themselves!

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