Talking Simpsons – Dead Putting Society


Flanders really comes into his own this week, as he and Homer battle over whose kid is the best at putting, while Bart learns all about zen …


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13 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Dead Putting Society

  1. Another great episode. I love crazy golf courses, I was never into competitions of this nature as a kid I got all that aggression out in rugby, but your discussion about the course itself, for me it reminded me of this place

  2. I think this was the perfect episode you guys done yet, perfect length, perfect amount of chit-chat and use of sound clips, sadly there was no dave though but i still really enjoyed this one this week nonetheless.

  3. I love how professional and tightly crafted this podcast is. This isn’t to knock any of the more freewheeling shows on the network, they’re great too, but it really feels like everybody is on their “A” game these days.

    This episode was really important to me when I was younger and sparked an interest in Zen and the artist John Cage. To this day whenever I try and mediate for stress I hear Lisa in my head say “embrace nothingness” and “become like an uncarved stone.”

  4. Hank! I remember that episode of the Mario cartoon with Milli Vanilli! They were Princesses’ favorite band. As a kid that was my only frame of reference for Milli Vanilli and when it came out that they were frauds I felt so bad for Princess.

  5. “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around, does it make a sound?”

    I always thought this was a stupid question. But after hearing the wise Lisa explain it, I’m noticing that it’s a very mind-altering question.

  6. I know when I was in Tokyo in ’98 there was a driving range built on top of a building in the area I was staying, and they put up a big net to catch the balls. And I see a lot of Japanese people flying over their golf clubs when they come to Hawaii.

  7. ohhhh! that’s what 30/20/10 is gonna’ be about. cool!

    this episode… I definitely remember feeling bad for Bart and Todd, because I’ve not only seen parents pushing crap rivalries off on their kids, their hobbies, and living vicariously through their kids. I’ve lived it.
    as a result I have completely and totally rejected all sports in nearly every way conceivable.

  8. Not going to lie I totally forgot this episode existed. I recall liking it but it did not leave a huge impact on me, maybe because I didn’t care for Homer and Ned’s back and forth. Now “Homer Loves Flanders” that’s a back and forth I can get behind.

  9. Even better than the Milli Vanilli episode is the episode of Super Mario Super Show titles “Bad Rap,” where Mario and the gang go to “Rap Land” to rescue the Fat Boys from Ling Koopa! And all of the dialogue is rapped!

  10. Seasons 1 to 20 are on sale on Amazon for around $10 a pop right now. Bought 2 through 10 to follow along with the podcast. Use the Lasertime Amazon links cause I hear the hosts get money or something if you do that.

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