Cape Crisis #164 – Coming Out To Stan Lee


The gang’s all here! Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett dive into a ton of new Marvel books, gorillas vs. Flash, Star Wars wildness, plus Stan Lee getting confused and your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #164 Question: What comic book ads do you most remember?

5 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #164 – Coming Out To Stan Lee

  1. I’m actually surprised to see that Batman Europa #1 actually came out this week. It makes me feel somewhat old because I remember hearing about it when I was first seriously getting into comics in 2008, and then around 2010 when I was buying physical issues every week it showed up again and was apparently coming out. Eventually orders were cancelled, and the recent previews mentioned that this was 5 years ago, and it was first annouced 10 years ago. Time sure flies…
    I have no clue if its actually worth picking up at this point because I didn’t see many reviews and the damn thing is $4.99.

  2. Spoilers for the show Rebels but we don’t see Vader be a total badass on land but we do see him be an ace pilot. He does a solo attack on a small rebel fleet and just ruins them.

  3. “Bubsy is a bride too far.”

    Don’t you mean, “A Bridge Too FUR” Henry?

    Bubsy: “More like A Bridge Too Short!”

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