10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360

4 – The Kinect’s Precursor Had A Pair of Exclusive Games

Remember the Xbox Live Vision Camera? It’s okay if you don’t. Four years before the Kinect hit store shelves, Microsoft created a webcam specifically for the 360 called the Xbox Live Vision camera. For most games it was compatible with, it would serve an ancillary function. Want to attach your mug to the cranium of a fighter in the boxing game Facebreaker? Just line up in front of the camera. Want to show your wiener to random people playing Uno? Unzip and wave your schlong for the Xbox Live Vision.

Beyond those necessary functions, there’s a duet of games that used the camera that were never updated to work with Kinect. Every purchaser of the Xbox Live Vision camera got a copy of Totemball, a puzzle platformer that was barely functional and made the worst-controlling Kinect games seem like Super Mario Bros. There was a second retail-released game called You’re In The Movies, which let players create mini-movies using the camera. By the time the Kinect rolled around in 2010, these games were long since forgotten, so be sure to keep the old accessory handy if you ever want to revisit these games. In a stranger bit of compatibility, the Xbox Live Vision camera actually works with the PlayStation 3 for any games that have video chatting capabilities. It’s a shocking amount of brand agnosticism.

5 – A Gamertag Cannot Exist On Both The Original Xbox and Xbox 360

Even if your 360 is collecting dust as you get new Xbox One games, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to perform a lot of cross-platform hoop-jumping. If you get a craving for some some Crackdown co-op, your Xbone won’t flip out knowing your Gamertag’s cavorting about on a second system.

That wasn’t the case when original Xbox online gamers wanted to make the jump to the Xbox 360. For some reason, Gamertags cannot exist on both an OG Xbox and the 360, so anyone hoping to play a few rounds of Mechassault or experience Halo 2 in its truest form had to re-import their ‘Tag back to the old system. When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare beckoned, you’d have to remove your online handle from the old system once more. Think about that process the next time you have to transfer an old save to the cloud for the Xbone’s backwards compatibility.

6 – The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2 Has The Fewest Achievement Points For a Retail Game

In some ways, the early years of the Xbox 360 was kind of the Wild West for Achievements. Dead Rising would dole out 20 measly Gamerscore for lasting 22 real-world console-breaking hours in its Survival Mode, while Avatar: The Last Airbender gave you 1000 for slapping an Xbox 360 controller against your butt for 5 minutes. There was still some semblance of normalcy, as you’d expect a retail game to have 1000 points up for grabs. Well, that wasn’t the case from a few launch-era games.

Before Microsoft nailed down the official amount of additional Gamerscore that would accompany DLC, some developers would skim some points from the starting game and quickly hit 1000 with some extra content that came shortly after. Some, like Condemned: Criminal Origins were a tad, but some fell way short of the standard. For some reason, licensed real-time strategy game Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2 never released even came within sniffing distance of 1K, so this 2006 anomaly will only net you 705 Gamerscore for besting every challenge. Thanks a lot, Gandalf! [Corrections thanks to GeorgeTaylorG.]

Weird apps and the Xbox 360’s biggest game await you on the last page!

11 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360

  1. The only reason I know about the Pizza Hut app is because of a certain website’s let’s play. I think Henry might have been in it actually.

    1. I also totally remember using the Facebook and Twitter apps. I still think about those occasionally for some reason just because it feels like such a bizarre move. I think I used them both a total of two times and then never again.

  2. Weird that I read this in Dave’s voice, good list all the same. My 360 now rests at my parents for when i come home and watch netflix/youtube; it still holds a place in my heart. Really weird about the pizza hut app though, I’m suprised White Castle , and Hobo’s selling garbage out of the bin didn’t join the fray.

  3. Funny I had a launch 360 that never red ringed, but when the the elite with hdmi and black finish was released, I quickly purchased one and under a year the tray stopped working on it. But that og 360 with component outs is still kicking.

  4. Does anyone remember/have the little dvd remote that came with the original Pro bundle? I used that thing all of the time. The funny thing is that when I used the power button on that remote to turn the system on it would turn my laptop on from sleep mode.

    1. Maybe MGS4. Although I did hear that some ps3 games duplicated fills on the Bluray disc to speed up read times. That would make it difficult to measure.

  5. And not one reference to everyone’s beloved Burger King games? (My favorite was Pocketbike Racer, but that’s just me.)

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