10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360

7 – Lost Odyssey Is The Biggest Xbox 360 Game

It didn’t take long for Xbox 360 games to surpass the 8.7 GB storage limit of DVDs. While PlayStation 3 owners have the luxury of the largest games fitting on a single disc, 360 owners have had to deal with multiple games needing disc-switchery to fit an entire adventure in one box. Most games have separated multiplayer and single player to different discs or dumped a bunch of assets onto an install disc, but a few games have required some disc switching to see everything. Only one game has ever passed the barrier of three discs for a campaign, and it came out within two years of the 360 launch!

There have been two four-disc Xbox 360 games. The most recent of which was Wolfenstein: The New Order, though the first disc is used solely to install data for the other three discs to draw from. The quest you undertake in the epic JRPG Lost Odyssey required four discs to compete when it came out in 2007, making it the biggest Xbox 360 game in terms of disc size. We’ll never know if it could have fit on a single PS3 Blu-ray, since the Xbox 360’s largest game is also an exclusive. Hey, remember when the 360 had exclusive JRPGs?! It’s okay if you don’t.

8 – Twitter And Facebook Were Amongst The 360’s First Apps

Netflix’s arrival on the Xbox 360 was a real game-changer. While the disc-rental company had made some inroads on a streaming service through browser-based video, the Xbox 360 was the company’s first genuine attempt to get their digital wares on television screens. That’s worked out for them, but the next few apps to make the jump didn’t have the same level of popularity on consoles (though they’re doing well elsewhere).

As part of the New Xbox Experience in 2009, a batch of new apps released on the Xbox 360, including the two pre-eminent social media platforms of that era. Alongside the dearly departed Last.Fm app, Xbox Live Gold subsribers could also access Twitter and Facebook applications that allowed users to craft status updates and look at photos from the comfort of their consoles. Anyone who uses these still-relevant platforms knows that there are much easier ways to view it than on a console, and the inability to visit links and dive deeper into each social media platform made Twitter and Facebook’s 360 integration obsolete from the start. Nowadays you can surf these sites via console web browsers, though honestly, why would you?

9 – Pizza Hut Had A Kinect-Enabled App

Pizza Hut may be the most tech savvy fast food chain, from the Everquest 2 ordering command to their complex pizza tracking system. Still, even the most advanced dining services are going to make some bad moves. At first glance, a pizza company teaming with the biggest console on the market should have been can’t miss move; being able to craft your Pizza Hut meal and ordering the pie through the 360-exclusive app seemed like a gamer’s dream. But it was not to be.

While Kinect may have spent the last of its goodwill by the time the Pizza Hut app released in 2013, the ability to swipe toppings and select size options with arm waves and other gestures was a novel idea in pizza-ordering technology. Even though Pizza Hut claimed that over 1 million pizzas were ordered via the Xbox app, the console-based fast-food app has been discontinued much like P’Zone. Here’s hoping the Xbox One will eventually let us snap our pizza orders while playing Rise of the Tomb Raider.

10 – A Never-Released Xbox Game Is Compatible With The Xbox 360

The Xbox One’s compatibility with 360 games may be the new hotness, but it has a long way to go to catch up to the original Xbox’s collection that was playable on the second Microsoft-manufactured console. Well over 400 games on the OG Xbox worked on the 360, representing more than half of the system’s library. As a matter of fact, one 360-compatible game on the worldwide list never even made it on a Microsoft console.

In a move that has mystified eagle-eyed fans for nearly a decade, the PS2-exclusive He-Man: Defender of Grayskull was listed amongst the Xbox 360-compatible games. Apparently, the early 2005 release was so close to completion on that era’s secondary consoles (Gamecube and OG Xbox) that Microsoft was able to determine its compatibility viability early on. Alas, the game never got its dual-generational due, though modern-day gamers can control He-Man and company on current consoles via the multiplatform Toy Soldiers: War Chest, which is a better game anyway.

What do you think of these facts? Are there any bits of obscure 360 you like to impress friends with? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360

  1. The only reason I know about the Pizza Hut app is because of a certain website’s let’s play. I think Henry might have been in it actually.

    1. I also totally remember using the Facebook and Twitter apps. I still think about those occasionally for some reason just because it feels like such a bizarre move. I think I used them both a total of two times and then never again.

  2. Weird that I read this in Dave’s voice, good list all the same. My 360 now rests at my parents for when i come home and watch netflix/youtube; it still holds a place in my heart. Really weird about the pizza hut app though, I’m suprised White Castle , and Hobo’s selling garbage out of the bin didn’t join the fray.

  3. Funny I had a launch 360 that never red ringed, but when the the elite with hdmi and black finish was released, I quickly purchased one and under a year the tray stopped working on it. But that og 360 with component outs is still kicking.

  4. Does anyone remember/have the little dvd remote that came with the original Pro bundle? I used that thing all of the time. The funny thing is that when I used the power button on that remote to turn the system on it would turn my laptop on from sleep mode.

    1. Maybe MGS4. Although I did hear that some ps3 games duplicated fills on the Bluray disc to speed up read times. That would make it difficult to measure.

  5. And not one reference to everyone’s beloved Burger King games? (My favorite was Pocketbike Racer, but that’s just me.)

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