10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360


It’s been a decade since the Xbox 360 released to the public, so we’ve collected 10 of the most obscure trivia facts about the Microsoft’s most popular home console. Jump in!

In November of 2005, the HD generation of gaming began with the Xbox 360, and the decade that’s passed since then has been a good one for Microsoft. Sure, there’s the Red Ring of Death and the unexpected early dominance of the Wii, but for the most part, the Xbox 360 owned its era. Even though it was usually the center of attention this generation, there are bits of trivia that have slipped through the cracks.

With the Xbox 360 just concluding its 10th year in the gaming market, we’ve collected 10 strange facts you may not know about Microsoft’s landmark console. If you knew any of these already, congrats on the achievement!

1 – You Can Launch The 360 With A Controller’s Start Button

One of the Xbox 360’s unsung improvements was the ability to turn the console on via the controller; after decades of having to schlep all the way to your game system, now you could finally turn one on from afar! Most folks turned their systems on using the giant flashy Guide button, but the unassuming Start button does the same thing when pressed.

In a way it makes sense, as some folks may guess that it “starts” the console, but if you accidentally gouge out that guide button in a fit of rage during a Halo 4 deathmatch, it’s good to know there’s an alternative.

2 – Launch Xbox 360s Had A Pre-installed Soundtrack

Everyone who bought an Xbox 360 at launch remembers Hexic! It had really difficult Achievements, was developed by the creator of Tetris, and it’s never costed a cent, whether it was pre-installed on your launch console or downloaded gratis later on. What folks may forget is that Hexic wasn’t the only pre-installed media on launch 360s.

To celebrate the Xbox 360’s hard drive storage capabilities and the ability to stream music in the background while playing games, a 12-song soundtrack was included on the Xbox 360 console at launch, including tunes from the likes of Marcy Playground, Funeral For a Friend, and Cold. For folks who quickly grew tired of the silence in Joust and Gauntlet or Geometry Wars Retro Evolved’s one background song, these tunes helped inject some variety into the early arcade games. You can listen to a half-populated playlist here.

3 – The Xbox 360’s Best-Selling Game Is Kinect-Only

One of the biggest sacrilegious sales figures from the last decade of games is the claim that Wii Sports is the best-selling video game ever based solely on the fact that almost everyone who’s bought Nintendo’s motion-controlled console got the sports minigame pack-in. Surprisingly, that rage hasn’t yet been extended to Kinect Adventures, the Kinect-exclusive minigame collection that came packed in with every one of the ill-fated Xbox 360 accessory.

Despite bad word of mouth amongst critics (and perhaps because of a massive marketing campaign), over 24 million Kinects have been sold, either alone or as part of an Xbox console bundle. That’s roughly around how many Kinect Adventures have been sold, too (some Kinects don’t include the game, but standalone sales for KA put them at a near-even keel). It’s a good 7 million above Grand Theft Auto V, which has never been included as a bundle, yet managed to become the 360’s second-best-seller at 17 million copies.

The Kinect’s precursor and the strange retail game that doesn’t have 1000 Gamerscore await you on the next page!

11 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Xbox 360

  1. The only reason I know about the Pizza Hut app is because of a certain website’s let’s play. I think Henry might have been in it actually.

    1. I also totally remember using the Facebook and Twitter apps. I still think about those occasionally for some reason just because it feels like such a bizarre move. I think I used them both a total of two times and then never again.

  2. Weird that I read this in Dave’s voice, good list all the same. My 360 now rests at my parents for when i come home and watch netflix/youtube; it still holds a place in my heart. Really weird about the pizza hut app though, I’m suprised White Castle , and Hobo’s selling garbage out of the bin didn’t join the fray.

  3. Funny I had a launch 360 that never red ringed, but when the the elite with hdmi and black finish was released, I quickly purchased one and under a year the tray stopped working on it. But that og 360 with component outs is still kicking.

  4. Does anyone remember/have the little dvd remote that came with the original Pro bundle? I used that thing all of the time. The funny thing is that when I used the power button on that remote to turn the system on it would turn my laptop on from sleep mode.

    1. Maybe MGS4. Although I did hear that some ps3 games duplicated fills on the Bluray disc to speed up read times. That would make it difficult to measure.

  5. And not one reference to everyone’s beloved Burger King games? (My favorite was Pocketbike Racer, but that’s just me.)

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