Sneak King And Quiplash Thanksgiving Party Stream


We’re getting ready for the Thanksgiving spirit with a round of Burger King gluttony, followed by a rousing return to Quiplash! See it all on our Twitch channel at 3pm Pacific or archived on YouTube later!

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We stream every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3pm, so follow along or catch the archives on YouTube!

2 thoughts on “Sneak King And Quiplash Thanksgiving Party Stream

  1. McDonalds always hits the spot for me, but I do think Wendy’s has a better burger and chicken sandwich. I just recently started eating Burger King again after a long spell where it just didn’t taste good because I ate too much of it in college. BK is a solid burger, probably better than McDonalds as well, but the fries are weak. I do dearly miss White Castle. We used to have three locations, but they picked up and left town years ago.

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