First Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Too Much For Your Eyes To Take In


It may not be called Avengers 3, but the newest Captain America film looks to hold almost the entire MCU in one picture…

Jeez, Marvel, can’t you give a fan a break? Here I am, trying to do some late night binging of Jessica Jones, and then my Twitter blows up with news of a brand new trailer. Not just any teaser either, but over two minutes of footage from the next Marvel Studios epic, Captain America: Civil War! Take a look below, but be warned that there’s way more to take in than one viewing can satisfy…

I mean seriously, can you even keep up with everything in there? You’ve got Cap and Falcon hunting down Bucky, you’ve got returning Hulk nemesis General Thunderbolt Ross as the heavy, every Avenger not named Thor or Hulk, and the debut of god damn T’Challa himself, Black-FUCKING-Panther. It’s too much for words.


By the way, did you notice the quick way they establish that T’Challa can outrun Cap? Pretty slick.


The trailer picks right up where the Ant-Man teaser ended, and the set-up seems both similar to the comics and wholly different. The government wants to regulate superheroes, Steve Rogers disagrees with Tony Stark, and the heroes of the world choose sides. Only this time Bucky Barnes seems to be the inciting incident, and it’s a world with about a dozen heroes instead of hundreds. Oh, and Spider-Man’s hanging around somewhere, but he’s as visible as Luke Skywalker in a Force Awakens trailer. The important information is that the line has been drawn, and it’s time to choose sides.


Did this trailer have a similar effect on you? Are you disappointed to only get a tease of Black Panther? Do you fear Gen. Ross is going to be a red Hulk by the film’s finale? Can either Tony or Steve survive this ordeal better than they did in the comics? I want to know your thoughts in the comments!











22 thoughts on “First Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Too Much For Your Eyes To Take In

  1. These 1.5 second gifs make my brain hurt.
    I dug the trailer, though. I didn’t expect it to be focused so much around Bucky but I guess that’s my fault because I keep forgetting that this is a Captain America movie and not a full-blown Avengers title.

    1. I doubt it. This is just the very first trailer and they’ve already offhandedly shown Black Panther, we’ve got another 6-7 months of trailers yet. And with both Batman V Superman and Deadpool out before it Disney and Marvel are going to market the fuck out of Civil War.

      And they’ll probably forget about Dr Strange.

  2. OH MAH SHITTING SHITSTORMS! that looks very awesome!
    and seeing Black Panther in action.
    X3 so excited!

    is it going to be like the books I wonder? like the superhero registration act?
    well, I’m excited.

  3. Looks awesome! I still don’t think Bucky will be blamed for an international incident. If anything, Tony wants to hunt Bucky down for killing his parents.

  4. …but they already labelled Captain America as the good guy, it’s called “Captain America: Civil War”.
    I thought you’re supposed to think about both sides, and that’s the point of this story. Please bring this up on Cape Crisis, I didn’t actually read the comics.

    Also Scarlet Witch is totally Jean Greying it up in that gif.

  5. I didnt like the avengers 2 as much as some people did. Whedons writing just makes all the heroes seem cocky and cap seemed quite out of character compared to his stand alone movies which is one of the reasons why I didnt finish it and went straight to ant-man instead which turned out to be a better film. I am very excited for this because the winter soldier was one of their best movies. I was hoping to see another commentary trailer for this but maybe you guys can do it next time?

  6. Black Panther looks great and Wanda can fly! Looking forward to this. Notice that Vision, Ant-man, and Spider-man are not shown. I really hope they keep SM out of the marketing, because I want that reveal to be in the theater.

    I hope you guys didn’t record Cape Crisis yet.

  7. I’m glad that Wanda is on Cap’s side because the Iron Man side would have been totally OP without one of the supernaturals with Cap.

  8. I don’t mind them hiding Black Panther, I mean its like you guys always say they give too much away in trailers so hey maybe they’ve learn to hide the juicy bits.

  9. I’m super excited for this. I’m glad to see that it’s still a CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel, and after Winter Soldier I have the utmost faith in the Russo brothers. I’m glad that we’re not seeing too much yet (like Zemo, Ant-Man, Sharon, Spider-Man, Vision etc.) and I hope Marvel learned their lesson from Age of Ultron and are going to hold stuff back for us. This has been a VERY good week to be a Marvel Zombie.

  10. If this movie doesn’t have Guns and Roses’ Civil War, missed opportunity. I mean, what’s so civil about war?

  11. Yeah, because fuck the awesome Legends of Tomorrow trailer that came out a couple of days beforehand and none of the LaserTime crew noticed, despite giving the first hints of Superman and Batman in the CW “Arrowverse”!

    But yeah, good trailer, although I agree with Tom above – the whole point of Civil War was that you saw both sides’ viewpoints, but by making this a Captain America film you have to come down on Cap’s side because it’s his movie.

    I still think they’re doing Civil War too early, and are rushing it out as a Cap movie rather than a proper Avengers movie it should be in order to counter Batman V Superman. Oh, and did anyone notice how Disney are deliberately sending their next animation Zootopia out to die by releasing it on the same day as Batman V Superman in the hope that it’d steal some of Warners’ sales?

    Yes, I’m a DC fan rather than a Marvel one. I’m still excited for Civil War, though. More so for X-Men Apocalypse.

  12. Yet no Ant Man, Agent 13, Crossbones, Zemo and whoever the Martin Freeman is playing… then of course, we ask, what about Spiderman? I hope they don’t go over board with characters and forced arcs like with Weekend at Ultron’s.

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