If You Liked SNL’s Star Wars Auditions, Check Out the Ones They Did in 1997

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This isn’t the first time Saturday Night Live has lampooned the galaxy far, far away…

Those of you who keep up with SNL Viewers Club know that I adored last week’s Star Wars Auditions sketch. If you missed it, let me refresh your memory:



SNL isn’t above doing a straight-up list of impressions for a few laughs, but the “auditions” sketch type is a great way to frame it. This round of voices was shown in anticipation of The Force Awakens’ debut in just a few short weeks.

But way back in 1997, SNL was celebrating the Star Wars 20th Anniversary releases. This Kevin Spacey-hosted, Beck music-led episode had its own round of impressions under the audition guise. I can’t show you the entire sketch (thanks, NBC), but I was able to grab three clips — and therefore, three impressions — from YouTube.

First up is Kevin Spacey’s take on Christopher Walken, auditioning for the iconic Han Solo. He really wanted that Han role-o, huh? Anyways…



If you didn’t know, Kevin Spacey is quite the impressionist — his showcase on Inside the Actors Studio is excellent. Kinda makes you wish he’d done Jimmy Stewart in The Usual Suspects.

Next up, the criminally underrated Ana Gasteyer as Barbara Streisand, auditioning for Princess Leia.



It’s no Martha Stewart Topless Christmas Special, but this taste of Ana’s talents is still pretty funny. At least she’s on that ABC show Suburgatory (I don’t watch it either).

Lastly, here’s another one from Kevin Spacey: Jack Lemmon auditioning for Chewbacca.



Again, good stuff. That Spacey’s a real (House of) Card(s). Too far?

If you’re craving more of these sketches, Saturday Night Live also has takes on Back to the Future and 50 Shades of Grey. And be sure to come back every Monday after SNL airs to see how I score the show!

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2 thoughts on “If You Liked SNL’s Star Wars Auditions, Check Out the Ones They Did in 1997

  1. Nothing makes my day better than seeing Kevin Spacey do Christopher Walken impressions. It’s just so goddamn delightful.

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