Laser Time – Comedians Shutting Down Hecklers


Live vicariously through legendary stand-ups like Amy Schumer, Louis CK and George Carlin as they insult and shame loud jerks into humiliating silence…


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30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Comedians Shutting Down Hecklers

  1. While not technically stand up. I did see sorta heckling on an episode of SNL. It was an episode that Jimmy Fallon hosted and Justin Timberlake was the musical guest. So naturally a good combination. So the cold open was a recurring sketch where Timberlake raps and dances in mascot costumes. While Aidy Bryant was saying her lines, some loud,probably horny woman screamed really loud “WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN”. She did this twice which prompted Aidy to react, not badly but in surprise.

  2. So, I went to go see Dimitri Martin at my college’s auditorium in 2011. Dimitri was great, but he had a local student be his opener. I don’t know if he had this material done before hand but he had a bunch of jokes about Cops and how much cops suck. Unfortunately this was the same week a local officer had been killed in action. I don’t think anybody left the show but the audience was very tense about laughing. The worst part was is that they later held the officers funereal in the exact same auditorium later that month. 🙁

  3. Awesome episode idea, awesome episode!

    Now for a heckling story of my own. Earlier this month, I went to a stand-up show for the first since really becoming a comedy nerd. It was a free show hosted by my school, and the performer was John Mulaney. This being a college show, I went in extremely paranoid that some dumb prick would heckle him, dreading the thought of it. Of course, the time came. Mulaney pulled the classic “tear into the heart of the heckler’s insecurities and rip them to shreds, apologizing occasionally” move. This went on for around twelve minutes. My favorite line from the whole thing was something like “us white people only have so long left on top, and this is how you’re choosing to spend it you dumb piece of shit?” He also did a crazy amount of research into our school, so he was able to pull facts that would get us on board with him while also isolating the heckler. Mulaney handled it really well and had the crowd on his side the whole way, but you could definitely tell the heckler thought he was in on the joke as he continued, which made it all the more infuriating. All in all, though, Mulaney put on a great show and his show was the most I’ve laughed at anything in a long time.

    I spoke with a bunch of friends about it afterwards and all they would say is “that’s just a part of the job,” but I can’t help but feel like that’s underselling it. I have insane respect for anyone who can put themselves at the center of a room like that.

  4. Great episode, I love watching (or listening to) comics who are able to turn around a heckler. Mostly because it’s funny but partly because I can seldom find a witty or valid response to people who say nasty shit to me in real life.

  5. Great episode!
    I reckon you could do this a few more times, there are some great heckler put downs from UK comedians.
    The Bill Hicks one is legendary as well, I loved this though, fingers crossed for that article

  6. I always think of Bill Burr and the Philly Incident. When Bill Burr was part of the Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus tour in Philadelphia in 2006 and the crowd booed the first comedian off the stage and started acting like complete tools throughout the show, so Bill just spent his entire show going after the entire audience by just insulting everyone and everything in the city of Philadelphia. Just fearless for over ten minutes.

  7. I got the opposite of heckled (?) when I was in New York a few years ago.
    I’m not a big comedy geek or anything but when I while I was in New York my dad and I went to a small comedy club downtown.
    I was 18 at the time I think and was sitting up near the very front of the stage. I’m not exaggerating when I say that EVERY comedian that came up on the stage that evening called me out specifically for being young and not understanding the jokes they were making. Nothing they were saying was obscure or anything it was just all sex-related and of that ilk. I had never been to live stand-up before or since so I’m not sure of that protocols but I was pretty embarrassed being targeted to be a joke in front of a room of people.

    1. I don’t know of another term so devoid of meaning (over half the planet sucks cock) that’s so much fun to say. EVERYBODY SUCK A DICK!

  8. has there ever been an instance of a comedian being found to have planted hecklers in their acts?
    that would be a weird way to boost your popularity.

    wow… that last set of clips was AMAZING, they really did deserve it if they were booing comedic legends like Dom Irrera?! they deserved every minute of acidic comedy hate they got.

  9. I was an accidental heckler once. I regret the fuck out of it.

    Like a lot of severely visually impaired people, I spent some time at a live-in educational facility after high school and again after college to work on independent living, job hunting skills, etc. For some reason, they thought that a comedy club was an awesome group activity and ‘strongly encouraged’ us to attend.

    By the time the main touring comic came on, everyone above 21 was inevitably tanked, and the MC would always thank the group from Facility X. One time he apparently forgot, and asked Touring Headliner You’ve Never Heard Of to thank us. Being drunk and an asshole sitting with six other drunk asshole holding white canes, I blurted out “please don’t be a prop comic” despite the fact that I have enough vision to know he wasn’t. My idiot fellow inmates snickered, he deflected and moved on, I apologized afterward, bought a CD I never listened to and thanked him for not eviscerating me.

  10. As a native Philadelphian, I completely agree with everything Bill Burr said.

    The Flyers haven’t had a team since 1976, when they made the deal with Flanders Devil, the Phillies might as well let their crazy goober mascot play, the Sixers should have shut down when Dr. J left and Eagles fans once tried to kill Santa. THEY TRIED TO KILL SANTA.

    Throwing a D-cell battery at a ref is part of each boy’s bar mitzvah. The accent sounds like a Bostonian having a stroke while choking on eight dicks.

    The second most popular activity after riots is racism against the other half of the city. The official beverage is Cheez Whiz.

    But at least it’s not Baltimore! Yeah Fluffy-a!

  11. I saw Nick Swardson in Ann Arbor, Michigan one time. He was surprisingly and appropriately nasty toward an asshole begging him to do his Terry (roller skating gay prostitute) character from Reno 911. It made me love him more because I had never seen that side of him and never witnessed a heckle shut down in front of me before. Its great when your there for it because you get to see the bastard squirm! Great fucking episode guys. That Burr bit at the end had me dying. More please!

  12. I was at a Nine a Inch Nails concert with Queens of the Stone Age as their opener in Portland. During QotSA’s set the lead singer brings the entire show to a halt in the middle of a song to address a heckler. Very slowly and deliberately, he advised the heckler to go the concession stand if he didn’t like their music. “You can buy yourself a hotdog,” he said, “and shove it

  13. awesome show I love listening to comedians just destroying hecklers, they are one of the few professions where it is completely acceptable to yell at asshole and its fantastic.

    but it does suck in the few instances when hecklers win, i went to a jim jeffries show recently and just the amount of screaming drunks you could tell eventually just got to him, but the show didn’t start great when the crowd booed the opening act

  14. Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran are both fucking ruthless when it comes to hecklers, however, I’ve also seen them absolutely lash out when people were talking over them or, even worse, on their phones. They’re so creatively vicious that even I feel terrified when they start on someone!
    Great episode lads! Could definitely do with a part 2 down the line, this had me in stitches! Also, are there any videos of you guys doing stand-up? I’d love to see it

  15. I saw Jerry Seinfeld a number of years ago and watched him take care of a drunk, obnoxious guy masterfully. The man screamed at Jerry, “You left Micheal Richards to suffer while you drove away with a bag of money, you should feel terrible”. Jerry responded, “Maybe if you drank a little less and watched the first season of the Michael Richards Show, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” After a security guy came and walked the guy out, Jerry said “It’s the only job where the life coaches pay you to tell you all the bad things you could do better”

  16. Great show! I’ve listened to a few Louis CK ones before, but most of those I haven’t heard. Must suck to have that happen to you, comedy is one of the few types of entertainment where the audience can ruin it for everyone else.
    Also I’m super impressed that several of you guys have done standup. Sounds like the most terrifying thing in the universe to me..

  17. I’ve gone down many youtube rabbit holes watching videos of hecklers and comedians shutting them down so it is awesome to listen to these with the lasertime guys. Great episode!

  18. I enjoyed this episode. I’ve never heard of most these guys as I live in the UK. I’m a fan of Doug Stanhope though. That Philly incident is actually amazing. I’ve never heard so much consistent pure hatred.

  19. I’m getting to this late, but considering it’s totally focused on stand-up I had to add…

    The Dice Clay album ‘the Day the Laughter Died’ is such an interesting look at comedy including hecklers etc.
    The Rock Rubin produced, yes, that’s right album was a surprise unannounced show Dice did in NYC. You don’t have to like Dice at all to appreciate what a weird take on comedy this is.

    He improved a set and it’s so fascinating and raw. The room is empty and flat and it’s just a really interesting take on comedy and a must listen for stand up nerds.

    1. Also Henry, I totally know Dice sucks.

      It’s an interesting album from a comedy standpoint, I am NOT standing by the art 🙂

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