Cape Crisis #166 – Back Issue Bonanza


Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett have lots to say on digging through old comics, tweeting at creators, Secret Wars delays, Flash/Arrow crossovers, Walking Dead finales, plus your answers to the QOTW…


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Cape Crisis #166 Question: How do you store your comics?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #166 – Back Issue Bonanza

  1. The Flash/ Arrow crossover was pretty damn sweet. Never thought I’d see Hawkman and Hawkgirl in live action.
    Agents of SHIELD is also getting crazy.
    And the new Daredevil series is off to an interesting start.

  2. Another great episode. Henry, I know you said you haven’t gotten to read as many new issues as you’d like but you must read Guardians of Infinity #1. It has a wrestling reference that you must see and I don’t want to spoil!

  3. Surprised Red Tornado or Agents of SHIELD wasn’t dicussed. I get the feeling that only Brett watches SHIELD.

    Glad you haven’t reviewed all of Jessica Jones, because I’m not done yet either, Hopefully this week I can finish it.

  4. Bret – the book you were trying to recall is Garth Ennis’ Battlefields. The arc in question is called The Night Witches. Any Ennis war comic is a good comic.

    Glad to hear you liked The Half-Century War. James Stokoe is an excellent artist.

  5. You guys really have been becoming the Marvel show again, it makes sense, because Marvel is doing a bunch of new titles, but you have ignored whenever DC tries the same thing, and you barely even talk about indie books now.

    1. As someone who wants to follow at least one DC which one would be a good one that can be jumped into recently? Like something that can be started a few months ago or so.

      1. Prez and Constatine are both great and only a few months old, Prez is a comedy, and Constatine is the new Hellblazer series. Justice league United got a new creative team with issue 11 and became the best JL book since the New 52 started. Doctor Fate is kind of Spider-Man meets Doc Strange, and Secret Six has been going for a bit longer then any any of those, but has been really great.

  6. It’s funny the theme of this episode was about back issues, because this weekend when I was getting Xmas stuff out of the attic, I came across my old comics that my mom had made me take a few years ago. The box I found was all the Clone Saga of Spider-Man, and I started reading it and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I remember it being. I liked MJ’s interaction with Ben, and how she was trying to be nice to him but found it creepy to talk to him face to face. I also found myself surprised by how much I didn’t mind John Romita Jrs art, after complaining on here a few weeks ago about how his art always turns me off a book. He has not improved his style with age I suppose. ALSO, I forgot how cool 90s comic covers could be. The one issue of Spider-Man in jail where the cover page is the jail cell doors is a pretty fun piece of art.

    Maybe it’s because I read a lot of Marvel, but I really don’t think you are the Marvel show. You cover a lot of Image books too. There is just always more news coming out with Marvel, and you have to cover it. You cover DC news too it just isn’t as frequent. Blame the companies not the podcast.

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