Yuletide Screamings: 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Christmas

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas time is just around the corner. The classic, sugar-coated traditional films will be playing all month long. A Christmas Story, Home Alone, White Christmas — these are mainstays of the holiday season. But what about the horror fans? Thankfully, there are some great Christmas horror movies out there, and some fun ones as well (I wouldn’t want you to confuse these for well-made films). Here are 5 hand-picked selections.

A Christmas Horror Story

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Trick ‘r Treat was the last horror anthology that I fully enjoyed; each of the separate stories converged in a slick, cohesive way. I’m happy to say the same for A Christmas Horror Story.

Let’s face it, fitting zombie elves, Krampus, an evil spirit, and changelings into one story is tough. This film manages to let every thread stand alone, while subtly stringing them all together. Eventually, these elements meet up for a funny, eerie finale. A Christmas Horror Story really does capture the Christmas spirit, and makes a great casserole out of what would otherwise be too many ingredients.

Santa’s Slay

christmas, holiday, horror, movie, a christmas horror story, jack frost, saint, santa's slay, silent night deadly night

Santa’s Slay has been one of my favorites to watch on Christmas day for a few years now. Its absurd attitude and hilarious gore plop it right into that horror/comedy sweet spot. Have you ever wondered what happened to Bill Goldberg after his wrestling career? Turns out he’s busy being a buff bully of a Santa Claus.

Santa is the son of Satan, and he loses a curling match to an angel. His punishment was banishment, but now he’s back, and the son of the angel that beat him must stop Santa’s evil rampage. Ever wanted to see Goldberg light the Nanny (Fran Drescher) on fire? I already know that’s a “yes.”

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

christmas, holiday, horror, movie, a christmas horror story, jack frost, saint, santa's slay, silent night deadly night

Okay, this entry is purely self-indulgent. The acting is pitiful at best, and I don’t think I’ve seen the actors in any other roles. Most of the movie is actually stock footage from the original Silent Night, Deadly Night. So, no need to watch the first movie for any context; the parts that aren’t directly ripped from the prequel are centered on the original killer’s brother, who eventually goes on a murder spree of his own.

This is one of those movies that makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts for days — for all the wrong reasons. If you’ve ever wondered where that famous “Garbage Day” scene comes from, the answer is right here. Get some beer and some buddies, and witness this amazing train wreck.

Jack Frost

christmas, holiday, horror, movie, a christmas horror story, jack frost, saint, santa's slay, silent night deadly night

The VHS holographic cover was the first thing I noticed about this release; that gimmick was all 17-year-old me needed. This flick is intentionally cheesy and dumb, but sometimes that’s just what the doctor orders to get rid of the holiday blues.

A truck carrying genetic chemicals results in the death of a serial killer. As luck would have it, the accident happens in a snowstorm, turning him into a killer snowman! Low budget be damned, this movie is hilarious. Before CGI was affordable for straight-to-video movies, there were bad practical effects, and there are plenty on display here. Dump a handle of whiskey in that eggnog and laugh along.


christmas, holiday, horror, movie, a christmas horror story, jack frost, saint, santa's slay, silent night deadly night

Every 23 years on December 5th, there’s a full moon, and Saint Nick awakens from his graveyard slumber to terrorize Amsterdam. And he happens to have an undead barbarian horde at his command. It’s up to a student and a cop to stop the mayhem.

Much of this movie was lost in translation on me, but that may be because I watched the dubbed version. Regardless, it’s a cool Christmas film, and the undead burn victim makeup looks quite menacing. I have to hand it to the cinematographer too: the camera work really makes this movie. Highly recommended.

Article by contributor Dixter.

6 thoughts on “Yuletide Screamings: 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Christmas

  1. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is mandatory in my home. one of the few in the echelon of terrible films that keep me laughing the entire time.

    another cool Xmas horror movie, I believe is just called A Christmas Story, it was part of a horror collection in the mid 00’s, Spanish language. really unique movie.

    1. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is comic gold. It’s one of the rare instances where I say screw continuity. I have no interest in revisiting the original. I do like it, but part 2 is so much more hilarious! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to check it out.

  2. Saint is based on the Saint Nicolas tradition, popular in many parts of Europe, but specifically the way it’s celebrated in Holland and Belgium, where it’s called Sinterklaas. It’s one of the biggest holiday celebrations we have each year. In the second week of November, Saint Nicolas arrives on a steamboat from Spain, together with his helpers called Black Pete (which is a fairy tale figure but can also be viewed as a blackface. The last few years we’re having big discussions whether we should change the figure of what we should change). From then till 5 december you can place your shoe at the fireplace at night, and then you will receive candy and small gifts. Also most of the shops are fully dressed up with Saint Nicolas attire.

    On 5 december it goes all out Sinterklaas. Saint Nicolas and Black Pete will deliver a sack full of gifts to you and your family or friends, which you choose to celebrate it with. Some of these gifts are wraped up crafty artworks, called ‘Suprises’ or a accompanied with a poem, reflecting on the person who receives it. These poems can contain some nasty words to the receiver, but are mostly meant in good fun. Traditional sweets that are given out are small biscuits called ‘pepernoten’ (peppernuts), chocolate letters, marzipan and mice made out of sugar.

    But also Saint Nicolas was out to punish those who where naughty. Children who where bad could receive a lump of coal, or could be beat up with a bunch of twigs, or if you where real bad, you could be placed in a sack and be abducted to Spain. The movie Saint is mostly based on these aspect of Saint Nicolas, though the Saint in that movie is more of a cursed pirate who imposted Saint Nicolas to ransack a village and defile an abbey.

    If you would like to learn more about Sinterklaas and the Dutch relation to it, especially from a foreign view, I would recommed watching the movie ‘Winky’s Horse’.

    1. Whoa! Thanks for the information! Man, now I’ll be doing a bunch of research on Dutch Saint Nick. I remember studying this a little when I was in elementary school. That was back in Mesopotamia, though.

  3. Sadly I paid way too much for Silent night deadly night 2 and recently noticed its no longer out of print and five bucks at Walmart!

    1. I did the same thing with Salem’s Lot. I bought the DVD a while ago, and just heard that it’s going to be released on Blue Ray. Most likely for $20 cheaper than what I paid for it.

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