Fast Racing NEO – Let’s Do This!

The Wii U has a new download this week that reminds us of our favorite racing games of yore. Watch us go as fast as we can in Fast Racing NEO at 3PM Pacific on Twitch, or on the YouTube… Read more

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Movie Review: Krampus!

Michael Dougherty, writer/director of Trick ‘r Treat, is back with another wicked holiday tale. This time, instead of giving us multiple intertwined story lines about Halloween, Dougherty tells a seriously f#$%ed-up Christmas story. The German folklore character Krampus is the… Read more

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Blunder Lizard – The Energy Beast

Our episode-by-episode guide to the ’70s Godzilla cartoon continues with The Energy Beast, a monster so fierce it spends most of the show either recoiling in fear or pretending to be a stronger monster. And you won’t believe how it’s… Read more

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Cape Crisis #167 – World’s Finest Podcast

Hank, Dave, and Brett need to talk all about Batman and Superman’s many battles, but they also find time for touching ducks, zombie books, deleted scenes from Guardians, and the best replies to the question of the week…

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