Cape Crisis #167 – World’s Finest Podcast


Hank, Dave, and Brett need to talk all about Batman and Superman’s many battles, but they also find time for touching ducks, zombie books, deleted scenes from Guardians, and the best replies to the question of the week…


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Cape Crisis #167 Question: Whats your favorite hero-on-hero fights?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #167 – World’s Finest Podcast

  1. A couple things about the BvS trailer:

    This trailer seemed like a response to the 2 main complaints of the previous trailers.

    “This trailer/movie is too serious! Why can’t DC inject some humor into their franchise like Marvel does?”

    Ok, so we get 2 humor beats in this trailer. The opening Lex scene and the “I thought she was with you” scene at the end.

    “Why are Batman and Superman fighting? They should be best buds!”

    They then show in the last 2 scenes that Batman and Supes do team up to take down Doomsday.

    In general I liked the trailer but it did feel disjointed in an attempt to answer those 2 big questions.

    As for the Qotw, my favorite hero on hero fight has to be the Anakin vs Obi-wan fight at the end of episode 3. I know at this point Anakin had become the villain, but this scene was arguably the best of the prequels and what most Star Wars fans were looking forward to.

    1. As I commented in the actual trailer article, that is indeed what they seemed to be doing. The movie WAS supposed to come out this year, people forget it was pushed back to March 2016, so they’ve obviously done some reshoots and editing.

      There was an infamous quote that said there would be no jokes in this movie… And there are two jokey things in it and the movie looks decidedly lighter and funner. Hell the Superman costume looks a bit brighter and you can make out the colors on Wonder Woman’s suit more easily.

      I’ll tell you right now though- that final Superman vs Batman fightbis gonna be aaamaaaazing!

  2. Dammit hank, you always post CC when there’s a new trailer out, the new tmnt doesnt look terrible surprisingly.

  3. I find the TMNT / Batman crossover to be incredibly odd still, it’s something I would’ve read the hell out of as a kid but now as an adult who buys too many comics, it’s hard to justify adding it into my monthly purchases (damn you, Canadian Dollar).

  4. The best solution to Iron Fist is to make Danny Rand a half asian kind with rich american parents. He’d still be a spoiled american, but he can discover the kung fu powers while on a trip to the homeland of his asian parent.

    1. That was my thoughts too. Have him be adopted, his parents be rich white people and hire an actor that a mixed white/*asian* ethnicity. It changes his origins slightly, but as a DC fanboy who only likes the Marvel movies and TV shows, only entitled babies will care.

  5. Another podcast, another “Secret Wars is ending soon.” Stop paying for this shit. Stop giving it attention.

    Also, I’m surprised you guys (well, Hank) have gone this far without mentioning Paper Girls.

  6. During Civil War, Spiderman and Ironman fought in the streets. There was this great moment where as Peter and Tony fought in the illustrations, the text bubbles were Peter’s inner dialogue. Peter’s contemplating just how much web he can shoot if he tried to max out. The panels on the pages had this neat element of slowing closing up to black, as Peter slowly closes his eyes; then goes ham! After shooting his epic load, you turn the page for a fantastic shot of Ironman’s shape cocooned in a web that has essentially enveloped the entire alleyway. It’s a great full page shot of Ironman completely submerged in the webbing; with a yellow glow emanating from his Ark reactor within.

    I came.

    It was especially satisfying seeing Peter remove Tony’s helmet, and rip his balls off…verbally. With Aunt May in the hospital, and Tony just being an all around douche, it was nice seeing him humbled.

    (First time poster, long time listener. Appreciate your hard work!)

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