Poster and teaser give us the first look at Toho’s 2016 Godzilla


While we wait for more news on 2018’s Godzilla movie, the hype train for 2016’s Godzilla movie has officially begun. Toho released a surprisingly creepy poster and found-footage-y trailer earlier this week to get things moving for Godzilla Resurgence (aka Shin Gojira), but what do you think?

I am all for making Godzilla a menace. 2014’s film more or less cast him back in the “protector of Earth” role (even if it is more of a territorial lizard thing than a “save the humans” thing) so I assume / hope Toho’s new film keeps him in the antagonist role for at least the whole first film. The footage definitely looks like people are losing their minds, and the chaotic bustling and dispersing of the crowd sells the idea of pure panic, not “hooray, our protector is here!”

It’s possible Godzilla eventually battles another creature, though so far there’s no mention of one. Again I hope Toho keeps ‘Zilla squarely in the villain / natural disaster role, which the poster does suggest with its “Japan Vs Godzilla” tagline running through his head.


Now let’s’ talk about that design. Not only is he the tallest Godzilla to date (118.5 meters / 389 feet) but he’s also the weirdest, creepiest take on the beast I’ve seen. Those jagged teeth, beady eyes and knowing grin make him look like the ultimate chaotic force. This is likely intentional, given the team’s desire to pull real-world elements of terror attacks and uncertainty into the Godzilla mythos.

That said, those jagged teeth really remind me of Erik Larsen’s take on Venom.


It’s strange for Toho to out Godzilla’s new look right away, up close and in print yet not one moment of film footage. Just means we’ll have to keep an eye out for the next trailer, hm?

This will be Toho’s first Godzilla film since 2004’s Final Wars, which uh, kinda lost me with its frequent, so-so CG, over the top characters and organizations. But, as a sendoff with every monster lining up to get effed up, it was fine. Now please enjoy this SUM 41 trailer.

7 thoughts on “Poster and teaser give us the first look at Toho’s 2016 Godzilla

  1. I barely have any experience with Godzilla but I’m really interested this one due to hideaki anno (NGE creator) being the director/writer of this. Even with this short teaser his style was noticeable with the way he did these harsh cuts from cacophonous crowds to austere white text on black background. Hoping for something special with this movie

  2. The “teaser” is probably the worst shakey cam footage ever recorded. Just gave me a headache. The old school roar at the end was the best part. I’ll be curious to see a real trailer that actually has some content.

  3. I really really REALLY want Godzilla to return back to Godzilla 1985 when Godzilla was a natural disaster, I loved watching Godzilla duke it out with Gigan, Megalon, King Ghidorah and of course MechaGodzilla. But Godzilla was better when he was an unstoppable force against humanity so I hope that this movie returns to that. That being said that poster is very unsettling with the teeth and the piercing gaze, so I do feel positive about this one. Also I hated everything about the 2014 Godzilla expect Godzilla himself but he made up about 10 minutes worth of that movie, I really hope that they get a different director when the last guy says “Godzilla should be like Jaws, he shouldn’t be seen” OH SURE EXCEPT WHEN HE IS FOLLOWED BY THE FUCKING NAVY HALF WAY ACROSS THE PACIFIC AND THE CUT AWAY OF THE HAWAII FIGHT HAD ME PHYSICALLY RECOIL IN MY SEAT!

  4. So are they going back to the original Zilla’s less reptile and more weird radiation-affected skin/look? Dude looks sick! Literally!

  5. I’m pretty excited for this Godzilla film because it’s being written and directed by Hideaki Anno, the creator/director of Neon Genesis Evangelism. So, it should be horrifically weird and mysteriously entertaining. I can’t wait!

  6. Since I’m not a child, I quite enjoyed the recent Godzilla. Was it as good as the alligorical original post-Hiroshima movie? Or the 80’s attempted revival? Not really. But it was infinitely better than the ’98 version.

    But this immediately popped into my head-radar because of that poster. I LOOOOVE what they’ve done with this Godzilla. While part of why I liked the recent Godzilla is because of how much of a bruiser he looked like (and the set design, and the MUTO designs, and the cinematography, and the score), this one looks like a legitimate cosmic horror out of a Lovecraftian-influenced source material- fitting because of the director in charge of it.

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