Vidjagame Apocalypse 142 – Worse Than the Bad Guys with Heidi Kemps and Bob Mackey


Mikel’s back, and he’s bringing special guest hosts Bob Mackey and Heidi Kemps with him! This week, we get into five games that let you not just turn evil, but actually unseat the villain and conquer in their place. (Evil path/bad ending spoilers abound, so listen for the time cues if you want to skip ahead.) With that out of the way, we move on to Yakuza 5, Earth Defense Force 4.1 and news from The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, before taking a look at the games you most closely associate with a holiday break.

Question of the Week

What’s an overlooked or underrated franchise that you like more than most, and would like to see make a comeback?




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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 142 – Worse Than the Bad Guys with Heidi Kemps and Bob Mackey

  1. Hey guys I tried making an account however it says that I have an account with the username I was making so I go to reset my password and it keeps on saying invalid reset link or something of that sort could you help a brother out please

  2. The Gargoyles Quest/Demon’s Crest game series deserves a lot more love than it got. These games were solid platformers that put you in the role of one of Ghosts and Goblins most annoying enemy a Red Arremer named Firebrand as he fought his way up the demon food chain to be top dog of the underworld. Demons Crest was especially good, with unlimited flight, challenging bosses, and multiple endings, it’s a shining gem in the Super Nintendo’s already stellar library. It also helped in my transition from a goody-two-shoes church boy, to the metal loving, heathen I am today. I’d love to see this series return as a new platformer or as a weird amalgam of Dark Souls and Spyro the Dragon.

  3. Not sure if it counts, but Advance Wars. Every so often I check if it’s on the 3DS eShop. I have no idea why it isn’t but I love that series and would pay pretty much any amount to replay the originals or a brand new one.

  4. If I was the President of Video Games, I’d bring back the long forgotten Dark Cloud series. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent exploring procedurally generated dungeons, building cities, playing golf, catching and racing fish, building robots, leveling up monster medals, and combining/upgrading weapons. I feel like few studios make a better looking game than Level 5 (despite the more recent lack of depth), and I feel like they could make another great Zelda/Sim City hybrid, if only to make me happy. Also, I’d like to see another game in the Culdcept series, for the eight of us that have heard of this great Magic: The Gathering/Monopoly mashup.

  5. It is not a franchise, it will never be a franchise, but I would love to see a remastered version of Vanquish. The only reason I was fortunate enough to play it was because of a boring summer of 2013 and a Gamefly subscription. The unique Ratchet and Clank-esq guns and the smooth-as-butter jet booster slide, along with the absolutely bat shit insane plot made for an enjoyable shooter that sold like dog shit. This is the game that turned me onto Platinum Games, and although the only other Platinum game I like is Metal Gear: Rising Revengence, I believe in Platinum and cannot wait for Scale Bound. And no Chris, I don’t like Bayonetta, but I think they are awesome.
    As if this post wasn’t long enough, if Vanquish were ever to be remastered, the only thing I would need is commentary from Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami.

  6. Republic commando! I know its not it’s technically part of the greater star wars franchise, but I feel like it never got the credit it deserves. I was 11 at the time and thought the idea spec ops clone troopers was awesome. A remake or sequel in the vein the vein of rainbow six vegas would be awesome!

  7. QOTW: A would love to see a current generation remake of Silent Service the submarine simulator. I remember playing the NES version in 1989 in between while waiting for the glue to dry when I would build plastic aircraft models. I came into possession of said game when my friend down the street gave me the copy for free that he was gifted for his birthday. I believe his remarks about the game were something along the lines of, “this game totally sucks, I don’t even know how to play it…” He was correct! He did not know how to play it, and neither did I! But, with fortitude, determination, and many efforts of my nine year old self, I finally found out how the mechanics of the game operated. With the periscope view, map view and rudder controls understood, I started to really play through the scenarios with quite success to take down the Japanese Navy with complete unchecked and extreme prejudice! Moving forward, the first thing I would change about the game, would be the crew. I am pretty sure it takes more than one person to operate a submarine. Maybe throw some characters in there! Well, I hope that was as amusing for you, as it was for me! I think I will go watch a let’s play of Silent Service on Twitch now!

  8. I really wish someone would resurrect the 2007 RTS World in Conflict, set in an alternate 1989 where the Soviet Union launches one last major offensive to stave off collapse and invades Seattle and takes over the Pacific Northwest. Though it may seem like a diss now it was widely reported as the “Call of Duty” of RTS’s which at the time was actually a good thing, as there was no base building and all your units were called in off-map and dropped via aircraft onto parts of the map you owned. The best part was the tactical aid call-in’s you received for destroying enemies or holding positions during games, which were a mix of Call of Duty kill-streaks and RTS General/Commanders points, which you used to call in dozens of different air or artillery strikes on your enemies, ranging from arty strikes, carpet bombings, and even tactical nuclear weapons. By the time a match ended the previously sprawling urban environments would be literally flattened from the sheer amount of ordinance dropped on the map. The game got excellent reviews (89% of metacritic) but due to the parent company Vivendi merging with Activision it was one of the franchises that was dropped by the new company and the planned console ports were cancelled. Ubisoft rescued it and released an expansion pack in 2008 but we’ve seen nothing since.

  9. QOTW: I never actually played the full games, only extended OXM demos, but I would love to see a remaster or revival of the Otogi games. Supposedly they were fantastic and absolutely nobody bought them. I still kick myself for missing out on all the wrecking of lush environments and slaying yokai as a demon warrior.
    Awesome episode as usual!

  10. Long before From Software gained emense fame from the likes of Demon’s Soul, Dark Souls and Bloodborne they stole my heart with the long forgotten Lost Kingdoms franchise. While you are not able to attack enemies yourself, you battled monsters with a set of cards brought to life by a magical runestone on your back as you ran around the battleground avoiding enemy attacks. Having four main types of cards (weapon, independent, summon, and transformation.) You could lay waste to all that dare oppose you with a assortment of mythology inspired creatures at your disposal. Being able to level up cards to “evolve” them into stronger creatures was not only addicting but immensely satisfying. Nothing quite captured the feeling of training your baby dragon card for what seemed like ages until you could achieve it’s ultimate form,The mighty Fafnir or fighting the Greek god of death Thanatos aboard a ruined ship trapped in icy waters. You could even call upon a doppelganger that meanders about the battlefield until it touches a unlucky foe, killing Bosses and even yourself in one touch. Hopefully Lost Kingdoms (or preferably Lost Kingdoms 2) finds it’s self being re-released and garnishes enough goodwill to see a third game put into development after all these years.

  11. Jet Set Radio! I loved the soundtrack and the design, so much that I forgive the game for having just the most basic of gameplay and some awefull levels. I played and finished the game 3 times on my original Xbox, and the game still looks cool and fresh thanks to the cell shaded graphics.

  12. I really enjoy VGA, I think you guys do a good job structuring the episodes with sections and breaks.

    I was a little taken back when the show turned from a numbered list into an in-depth explanation of Undertale’s endings. Taking a page from Chris, I find he usually goes out of his way to think about who he’s talking to. In your section on Undertale you describe the games endings at length, including dialogue and trying to convey tone. If you’re trying to speak to people who have already enjoyed the game, wouldn’t you rather discuss the themes rather than paint us a picture? If you’re speaking to people who have never played the game, wouldn’t you rather describe the themes and gameplay than disclose specific game text?

    I think if you go back and review this episode it really brings a halt to the episodes pace. I really respect everyone on the podcast and I only bring it up because I’m confident in your abilities. Looking forward to this weeks VGA!

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