X-Men: Apocalypse Has An Exciting, Comic-Booky Trailer


Things get more colorful and dramatic in this new trailer for the final film in X-Men’s flashback trilogy…

After the utter fiasco that was Fantastic Four, I definitely have expressed fears on Cape Crisis that Fox has no clue what to do with Marvel Comics movies. But then this trailer shows up and reminds me that the X-Men franchise has been on an upward trend. After the 1960s origins of First Class, and the mix of ’70s and dystopia in Days of Future Past, I’m looking forward to how how Bryan Singer brings this trilogy of X-Men adventures to a close with Apocolypse. And I feel even more hopeful after watching the brand new trailer…

There’s a lot to unpack in this, not the least of which that Jennifer Lawrence seems to wear her Mystique makeup less with each film. Apocalypse looks like the most unabashedly super-powered of all the X-Men films under Singer (we shall never speak again of Last Stand). Just take a look:


  • Look at all these famous faces either returning or debuting in this film! Not only are Nightcrawler and Jean Grey back, but X-men fans have been waiting too long to see folks like Psylocke and Archangel get big budget treatment.


  • I hope all the super powers shots in the film look this good. And Storm has NEVER looked better on film. Mohawk Storm forever.


  • On paper, Apocalypse almost seems too ridiculous for live action, which makes it even more satisfying to see his shapeshifting powers done right in the trailer.


  • Quite a shot from the trailer, and I’m very satisfied that Apoc looks a lot less purple then he did in previous images. We don’t need another Ivan Ooze.


  • I’m glad he’s fulfilled his bald destiny, but did we really need this confirmed as the parting shot of the trailer? I dunno, it’s cool, I guess.

So yeah, Fox has earned back some of my faith in them, and this looks like the most “ripped from the comic pages” X-Men film to date. And no Logan to be seen. I doubt this will get lost in the shuffle of comic movies after Dawn of Justice and Civil War, huh? Lemme know how you feel about it in the comments! In the meantime, here’s some X-Men hommework.










17 thoughts on “X-Men: Apocalypse Has An Exciting, Comic-Booky Trailer

  1. Perfect trailer for this film, and I am so glad they are not pulling any punches on any of the comic book stuff. Jubilee’s ridiculous getup? Done, Mohawk Storm? Done. Shape-shifting Apoc? Done. Bald James McAvoy? Done.
    Also, perhaps the most important thing? They DIDNT SHOW ME THE WHOLE MOVIE like a certain other trailer that came out recently.
    Please, future trailers, get me hyped. Don’t tell me whats going to happen. Thanks.

  2. I’m really looking foreward to seeing how well Sophie Turner portrays Jean Grey. Sansa has become one of my favourite Characters in GoT and i’m curious if she can handle herself in another big franchise role. Everything else seems great. Though I hope after this and Wolverine 3. Fox just end the X-Men series. If this is the finale of the “First Class” Trilogy then I don’t what else Fox can do with them? Hand them back to Disney maybe?

  3. Massively excited. After the relatively quiet superhero year of 2015 (and that says a lot when one of those movies was the second Avengers) 2016 is utterly crazy, and X-Men Apocalypse is right there alongside Batman V Superman as my most anticipated movie of the year – and unlike BVS the last few X-Men movies were great!

    Don’t forget though – Deadpool is the first superhero movie of 2016! Just two months baby! And DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starts JANUARY!

  4. I feel like I’m the only one not looking forward to this. The writing seems cringy, Jennifer Lawrence annoyed the hell out of me in DOFP (and everything else she’s in), and their refusal to wear anything resembling their comic outfits bothers me. And as much as I love Oscar Isaac, he really seems miscast, or at least this version of Apocalypse doesn’t feel at all right to me. This trailer did nothing to alleviate my fears, it looks just like a big dumb CGI slug fest. With Civil War and Batman v. Superman out next year, this doesn’t get me excited. At least Deadpool looks cool…
    Yes, I’m being negative, but I’m not saying anyone can’t be excited or into it. This just really isn’t for me as a big X-Men fan.

  5. Really loved ‘First Class’, but I was kinda disappointed by ‘Days of Future Past”. This, however, looks great. While I wish Apocalypse had his stupid mouth lines and “A” belt buckle, I don’t hate this design, and seeing him grow huge and pin Xavier to the floor was great. Fox may have dropped the ball big-time on Fantastic 4, but they look like they’re gonna redeem themselves with this.

  6. I know a lot of people are shitting on this trailer, but yeah, I liked it, too. It’s still really up in the air. I’m curious to see how Apocalypse works on film and how that cast is balanced out. But I really liked the last two X-men films and Singer seems genuinely attached to the franchise.

  7. Now this is a trailer! I feel informed but not spoiled. I also have a bit of a crush on Olivia Munn and oddly enough Psylocke so this film can’t really lose in my sad, lonely, horny eyes.

  8. I love X-Men and I love this trailer. I hope Fox never hands them over to Disney. Let them keep their stupid Avengers (what a dumb name for a super hero team) and try to make Inhumans into anyhing other than the joke they are.

    To me, my X-Men!

  9. I think that Apocolypse is more of a cross-breed between Ivan Ooze and Ronan from Guardians. that said, I’m always surprised how much i enjoyed the last two so its a no brainer i’ll end up enjoying this one.

  10. I hate all of these movies they don’t make them ford and they make them for the mainstream I feel Singer has done an awful job with most of the characters. Also isn’t Mystique supposed to be “Blue and proud”? Yet Jennifer Loce Lawrence seems to have basically refused to wear the makeup unless she has to, why is she even in this movie Mystique is supposed to be evil as Hell, also shocker “handsome Hollywood white guy” doesn’t need to wear his Beast makeup that much either, I bet they’ll find another way to make Cyclops look stupid I really hated DoFP and once again look to be in the monitory based off all of the hype this movie is getting. I really love the X-Men but I really do feel like Hollywood has done them awful on screen

    1. I agree. Didn’t hate DOFP, but didn’t like it much. Jennifer Lawrence has too much of a role in these plots but doesn’t put effort or makeup on. Fox/ Singer don’t care about these characters or keeping what the fans like. They look down on the material and the mainstream continues to praise them and hold X2 up as one of the best comic book movies behind The Dark Knight. Sigh. At least First Class was good four years ago…

      1. 1st Class felt like a last ditch thing and as a result felt almost low key and actually pulled it off, kinda wish they stuck with that direction.

        1. Definitely agreed. They even ended up with blue and yellow costumes. Was disappointed when Matthew Vaughn left, but at least Kingsman was really good.

  11. Is it just me, or does James MacAvoy look younger with his head shaved? He’s gonna have to age really fast to start looking like Patrick Stewart, who looked like a younger version of himself at the beginning of X3 when he met Jean Grey as a child, yet Jean Grey is in this, but older…? This timeline is so confusing.

  12. super excited for this, finally (and hopefully) Psylocke will get a good representatio on film, apocalypse looks better, am a bit niffed that mystique is non blue the whole time but hopefully they havent filmed all those scenes yet. and no wolverine? im hopeful

  13. Love that Apocalypse looks more like Apocalypse, but I was hoping for his voice to sound way deeper than it does. Something more along the lines of the 90’s cartoon.

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