Cheap Popcast #64 – Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and the Nintendo 64


The final WWE PPV of 2015 brought some surprising spots and some stupid decisions, which Dave, Hank, and Brett describe in detail. To celebrate our 64th show, Chris joins the trio for a second segment discussing the highs and lows of wrestling games on the Nintendo 64.


4 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #64 – Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and the Nintendo 64

  1. Ive been watching old smack downs on the network recently, and on an episode (smack down goes xtreme) they had a tables match between the hardys and dudleys and Matt hardy put himself through a table to stop bubba from putting Jeff through a table.

  2. Sorry that I had to force the Biker Taker song on you guys but it was so appropriate, 25 years of Taker was at Survivor Series. The PPV as bookended quite well, too bad the middle was empty.

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