Laser Time – The Darkest Moments in Classic Christmas Entertainment


Hidden beneath a squeaky clean Holiday exterior lies some of the bleakest, cruelest, most macabre moments mainstream pop culture has ever unspooled. Plus the triumphant return of Erotic Fan Fiction Theater…


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16 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Darkest Moments in Classic Christmas Entertainment

  1. I am way too happy about the return of erotic fan fiction theatre. Also, the Christmas stuff was on point last year so this should be a blast in general.

  2. I was expecting to hear about the time that Satan nearly dragged Gargamel and random children to hell but the Smurfs saved them. That said, anything that references The Christmas Toy, One Magic Christmas (which I saw in the theatre with my extended family, wherein many small children were traumatized as fuck) and Gremlins is gonna fill me with joy.

  3. Hank’s giggles and coos during the beginning of erotic fanfic theater had me dying of laughter in my quiet office. I had to pause numerous times to regain composure. This episode was gold!

    Also, I love all of the Christmas episodes. I listen to them all multiple times every December. Same with the Halloween episodes during October. Fuck all of the complainers about hating holiday themed episodes.

  4. Haha great ep! Erotic fan fiction should definitely be used sparingly, but I’d still like to see it at least twice a year as it’s possibly the best part of Laser Time

  5. I just watched the He Man & She Ra Christmas special ($5 at Best Buy), and though it was not good, it was surprisingly watchable. That said, this is really a straight up She Ra special that barely co-stars He Man. The thing is littered with She Ra garbage from end to end. I’m guessing they were trying to push She Ra’s show pretty hard, as it came out that same fall.

  6. Even when I was a kid, I was always weirded out by how badly everyone treated Herbie and Rudolph. I mean, Herbie just wanted to be a dentist. Who the fuck would be so against dentists? Now that you guys have pointed out how much it seems like an allegory for homosexuality (intentional or not), it all makes sense.

    Also, more Erotic Fan Fiction Theater! However, you guys need to find some stories that are more, let us say, extremely fucked up. That disturbing Yoshi story, the incredible team effort of the Mass Effect one with Legion, we need more like that. We need to experience the horror together.

  7. Hank regarding the Gremlins death it takes around a month to starve to death, even dehydration takes several days. The dad snapped his neck, just accept it.

  8. Okay, what exactly was up with the line “something was different today” in the erotic fan fic? That led absolutely nowhere, and I fully expected that either Jack or Sally was really Oogie Boogie in disguise. THAT would have been a boner-killer, am I right?

  9. The triumphant return of erotic fanfiction! i love it.
    Brett’s gruff musician voice sounded so much like Popular Blues Magician Sandy Cabbage .

  10. Erotic Fanfiction Theatre needs to be a staple again. I started listening after you all had stopped and this episode had me in tears with it at the end. The commentary on the side of “a way to avoid writing dialogue” and the “‘was indescribable’, but youre a writer”. had me dying. Please take this as a vote to keep it in!

  11. I created an account just to ask this cause I’m losing sleep over this. What is the source on the song at the 25 minute mark?

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