Watch Us Play WWF No Mercy on Nintendo 64!

Dig diggety dog! We’re gonna play the greatest wrestling game of all time (and one of the N64’s best)… WWF No Mercy! Join us as we play this classic (and probably talk a bit about NXT London) on Twitch at… Read more

By DaverTime | 2

Cape Crisis #168 – Merry Gwenpool-Mas

Hank, Brett, and Dave get in the holiday spirit with an overload of seasonal comics, including the Gwenpool Holiday Special. Plus, we discuss the most recent X-Men film trailer, already thinking about may comics, and our biggest comic disappointments of… Read more

By Hank | 6

Blunder Lizard – The Colossus of Atlantis

I’ll be upfront with you – this episode blows. But you damn bullies funded me joining Laser Time which means I gotta write about this turd regardless of its quality. “Colossus” usually conjures up a pretty intimidating mental image, but… Read more

By Brelston | 2