PSA: Laser Time’s Spoilercast About The Force Awaken Coming Soon!


The Laser Time family hasn’t seen Star Wars yet, but once they do, they’ll be live streaming a spoilerific podcast right here, and we’ll want your questions!

You may have heard there’s this new movie out called Stars Force: The Awakened War. Well, the Laser Time goofs are so excited for it that we’re going to record an entire podcast of our reactions to the film as soon as we leave the theater Friday afternoon. And because we want your live thoughts, we’re going to be streaming the recording right here, waiting for your reactions!
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Chris, Henry, Brett, and Dave will roll into the studio at 4pm Pacific Friday afternoon, fresh off seeing the film. We’ll then live stream our VERY SPOILER-FILLED discussion of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which we’ll also release as next week’s episode. If you want to hear the episode as it happens AND give us your thoughts and questions, you can join us in the stream’s chat when he go live at 4pm Pacific. Until you’ve seen the movie, avoid this soot like the plague! We’ll see you after we’ve all seen Episode VII.

16 thoughts on “PSA: Laser Time’s Spoilercast About The Force Awaken Coming Soon!

  1. Didn’t particularly care for it. Same problems as Star Trek movie 12 where it just sort of goes through the motions of a well though of entry in the franchise without any interesting twists.

    It’s not even bad enough to warrant a Plinkett review… so overall a wash. I don’t know maybe I’m just dead inside.

    1. hm… maybe not dead inside but maybe still a little hurt from the prequels? The star trek films to me were not good. this was good though. yah it checked off a couple of the major starwarsian boxes but that’s JJ Abrams. it’s kind of why I hate him, he’s so far up his own ass trying to pay tribute to the films he loved that he forgets to keep making the new film he proposed to us to watch. this was good though. not great, but good. it’s solid. and it’s star wars. BUT, this is earth and you can disagree if you want. you already know you don’t have to fall in line with the geekdom absolutism.

  2. I’m really curious to hear what y’all think. I personally was relieved, it was star wars. a different star wars but more star wars than those god forsaken prequels. This is the movie we should have gotten back in 99. it wasn’t great. but it was good enough to watch and not feel like you just got raked over hot coals.

  3. Crap, wanna be in on this, but I might not be able to view Star Wars until after Christmas. That said, I hope to see the gang at whatever wins the holiday movie!

  4. I recognize its problems, but I damn I had a great time watching this movie. I’m 39 years old and I got chills when I heard that opening fanfare and Star Wars was on the big screen for the first time in slightly over 10 years. If this was meant to re-introduce most of the original characters to a new generation along with establishing new characters, then I think it hit the mark. It gets a little to referential to the original trilogy to the point of there being too much of a reliance on coincidence, but overall it is a fun movie, which is all I ask out of Star Wars.

    Plus, there are plenty of new plot threads to be revealed over the next few years of movies.

  5. I’ll be missing this stream due to work so I have one question. Did y’all climax while watching this movie too? Because I know I did. Also Adam Driver looks way different without Lena Dunham making him masturbate while she takes money from his sock draw, and also without facial hair.

  6. One recommendation rather than a question: see it a second time. As I tweeted to you Hank, I greatly enjoyed Force Awakens more now I’ve seen it a second time today. The first one I was looking for fault too much, second time I just enjoyed myself and focused on the details. It opens with a Star Destroyer, like episodes III-VI (in other words, all the Star Wars movies with Star Destroyers in them)! Rey’s house is awesome! BB-8 is basically Wall-E as a ball! Was that CORUSCANT?! Etc.

    That all said, I just wish Captain Phasma and Luke had actually done something. Phasma in particular gets short-changed. Also, Snoke is totally Voldemort.

  7. I loved it. Was it perfect? No. But it was damn fun time, and further removed the prequels from my mind. A whole new generation is going to experience Star Wars and fall in love with it. That’s more than enough for me.

  8. while it did have a few problems i just want to say i’m so glad on how much of a bad ass they made chewie this time around. he became more of hans pet and more of a sidekick.

  9. Gonna try to be there for the stream. As of now, I’m thinking of going back for a second viewing to solidify my thoughts one way or another. I absolutely did not hate it…but I didn’t really like it that much either. Abrams story tics and myself apparently do not get along well.

  10. I got to see a 7:00 showing last night. I had a huge grin on my face for large chunks of time. At that one part, people were openly sobbing in my theater. I plan on seeing the movie at least a couple more times before the weekend is over just so I can watch it without rose-colored glasses. But after the first watch, I have to say, it lived up to the hype

  11. I loved it, but I wasn’t looking for it to be a life changing experience because Star Wars never has been for me. I was born in ’86 so I grew up when Star Wars was dead. Because of this the original trilogy was never that special to me, just some cool space movies.

  12. Absolutely loved this movie. Wasn’t a perfect movie but it was a perfect Star Wars movie. Tons of mystery in it that I want to know the answers behind (which New Hope was great about). All the new characters were great and I look forward to seeing them progress. Had tons of star wars spirit in it. Fantastic new starting off point for the series.

    In anticipation of some predicted criticisms, let me retort. 1) the idea of another “deathstar” type weapon totally makes sense when they are being run by the sith which are consumed and obsessed with power. absolutely fitting for them.
    2) it was not the same as a new hope. it had similarities but hardly the same plots or a scene for scene rehash. That is just absolutely not true.

    I’ll save the rest of my retorts for when the criticisms are live in the comments section afterwards.

  13. Fun movie but it wasn’t a space opera, even episode 1 did a better job of conveying the scope of the universe and the worlds at play.

    The whole “This is like a death star but BIGGER THO” was a silly scene. Given how little of the film was spent on the superweapon and how small of an operation destroyed it. The only other thing that sticks out as “bad” from this movie was Han & Leias awkward dialogue, trying to tell the viewer what happened to their kid when it’s already been conveyed super well. Oh and the force mind reading scenes were also a little cringey.

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