Cheap Popcast #65 – New Champ, NXT London, and 2015 Awards!


For the final Cheap Popcast of 2015, Dave, Hank, and Brett give out 2015 awards for every conceivable category, from best t-shirt to best match of the year, before discussing Roman Reigns as WWE Champion and NXT London. Join us on the red carpet for the 2015 Poppies!


4 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #65 – New Champ, NXT London, and 2015 Awards!

  1. I have to disagree with Hank. British people make for best live crowd and that goes for every sport. Go and watch a Rugby or a Cricket match between England and Australia to see why.

  2. Great podcast. It’s been fun having the consistent releases for every PPV, with smaller topical episodes here and there. Also as a Patreon member, the commentaries have been great to. Keep it up Dave and co.

    I’m actually glad the tag team chat was short because New Day are the only ones I’ve enjoyed and I used to be a huge Dudlyz fan back in the day, they really came back at the wrong time.

    Also Henry trying to mellow on the London crowd, yet not quite doing it while Brett was more of the straight man was hilarious. I hated the crowd for TLC since the main event was good but you wouldn’t know that from the chants, so if you really hate it when crowds hijack shows EG “we are awesome”, then be more vocal about that than Londoners enjoying what was a really great show. Then again, still, a good Henry rant is always fun.

    And on that note, I’m late to the NXT party but it’s been a revelation and yes, I very much intend to go back to last years run to. I and probably others wouldn’t mind a NXT Takeover centric episode when they come out, since it’s not as often as the main WWE show. But nonetheless thanks for the podcast all the same and roll on 2016.

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