Deadpool Says Merry X-Mas With Bloody New Trailer


Wade Wilson has a very unseasonal, R-rated video for you an this, the day of Jesus’ birth…

Wouldn’t ya know it – I take a holiday break from Cape Crisis and pre-record a couple of podcasts ahead of time, expecting nothing noteworthy to happen. Then Ryan Reynolds has to go and ruin my Christmas Day by posting a lengthy trailer for his upcoming solo film. After the utter failure of Green Lantern, Deadpool looks to just let Reynolds go all out, dirtying up spandex films more than ever before. Take a look at the new, grisly, and quite funny new trailer…

There’s so much to like about this trailer, such as:

– Colossus looking the best he ever has on film
– Deadpool feeling basically ripped from the comic book page
– Ryan Reynolds’ ass
– Definitely earns its R-rating

Only real things I can whine about at this point are the fact that I’m tired of extra fake digital blood, and that we’ve seen so much of that highway shootout in other trailers that I’m concerned there aren’t many other action set pieces. But whatevs, for now I’ll try to be a positive as Deadpool himself, and save the rest of my gripes for its February 12 release. What’d you think of the footage?










5 thoughts on “Deadpool Says Merry X-Mas With Bloody New Trailer

  1. Well, this is a fine Christmas present. After 7 fucking years, Ryan Reynolds finally gets to deliver on the promise of an amazing Deadpool movie. God damn, that magnificent bastard is 100% born to play this part.

  2. YES! this looks like an insane exploration of the Marvel universe. While the main Marvel movies are trying to be all dignified and proper super, Deadpool is like, “no. this kind of world is bat crap crazy, and so I’ll treat it as such.” That firstColossus scene was weird, he looked liked a plastic Halloween mask. But wow, who’s the one with the fire powers who slammed into the other woman with the super strength? that was cool. I want to see this because it’s over the top and a fun distraction from the deadly serious side of this world. Kind of like how guardian of the galaxy was.

  3. This was fucking awesome. I reaaaaaaally hope this does well for Reynolds, and it makes Fox actually TRY with their movies.

  4. I am loving these trailers, so far it really seems to be holding true to the comic. I feel like they could have done more with his deformed skin but that’s really nitpicking at this point. I just hope the movie really holds up after these awesome trailers. I’m hoping for a blooper real after the credits of Ryan Reynolds just ad-libbing stuff.

  5. Had no idea up until this point that MMA star Gina Corano was in this film. Count me out yo; her acting makes Lorenzo Lamas sound like Denero in his prime! If Uwe Boll had a sex change it would be an uglier german boxing version of her acting performance Haywire and.. …….poop. On the bright side everything else looks like fun (insert smiley face.)

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