Cape Crisis #169 – The Best Comics Of 2015


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave have one last podcast to close out the year, and it’s all about our favorite books of the year. If you listened along, you know we read a lot of comics, and each of us pick our three fave series. Listen to find out ours, then let us know yours!


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Cape Crisis #169 Question: What are your three favorite comics of 2015?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #169 – The Best Comics Of 2015

  1. QotW:

    1. Archie and Jughead reboot – for all the same reasons as Henry
    2. IDW’s Disney Duck comics – loved them as a kid. These new (to the US) stories are just as great.
    3. IDW Ghostbusters – Erik Burnham always gets the tone of the films spot on. Every storyline is like a great Ghostbusters sequel. I hear Murray, Ackroyd and Ramis’s voices in my head when I read. I particularly enjoyed the arc this year where the Ghostbusters meet alternate universe versions of themselves: the Real Ghostbusters from the Saturday morning cartoon.

    I don’t really like superheroes (except for Batman) so my list is a little different.

  2. Well not to add to the name pronunciation correction but it is pronounced KAY-nen .Also Kanan’s book is really good if you enjoy the Rebels show.

    1. Holy crap we can do QOTW in the comments now!? Unfortunately I’m like a year or so behind in comics so this will be interesting.
      3) Black Science Volume 2- This series has such fun art and it feels like dark Fantastic Four. This family and some project assistance travel into this other world of danger and mayhem and every issue feels like the characters trying to fix their fuck up one piece at a time.
      2) Thor Goddess of Thunder – I love Aaron’s writing and seeing this new person wield this awesome power really freshens up Thor to me. Not to mention seeing some bullman having to run Roxxon and dealing with races from other realms interest me.
      1) Blacksad; Amarillo- Yes it came out last year but I’ve recently read it and Blacksad continues to me like my favorite comic.Is it the fun detective stories? Maybe. Is it the well written and interesting characters? Strong contender. Is it all dem hot ass cat ladies? Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.
      Bonus bit) 2015 for me has been the year I’ve fell in love with X-Men. I’ve been reading All New and Uncanny non stop and I really enjoyed Battle of the Atom and Trial of Jean Grey.

  3. 1. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye – Combines fun and epic storylines, with new roles for old characters. Love that Megatron has become an Autobot.
    2. Star Wars: Darth Vader – While it’s a series about a very bad man doing very bad things, it’s just so much fun, while also not only keeping Vader’s status as a badass up, but also making it even better.
    3. Squirrel Girl – Just fun, fun and more fun with the Marvel Universe.

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